CHAOS = IVF prep & knee surgery on my dog



I had a diagnostic hysteroscopy performed on Monday by my fabulous gyno. When he was done, he said all looked well and sent me on my way with a full report and pics to forward on to my new RE. Love him. Oh and did I mention he had it pre-approved by my insurance? No? Oh, well he did. Plus my blood tests. So if I have to pay for any of the diagnostic testing, it will be very little compared to going to my old RE’s clinic or the other one in my area.


Because remember, IVF is completely out of pocket for us.

Monday through Wednesday I was pretty bloated and spotting with my cervical mucus. I’m guessing that means the swimmers Hubster left me with two days before that probably wouldn’t have survived, right? And in the middle of the night on Wednesday we had some awesome sexytimes (from what I remember because I was half asleep lol) but I think that was too late in my cycle to do anything.

Which means the last cycle before starting BCPs will be the only one I won’t even be tempted to pee on the sticks accumulating in my cupboard from my monthly FRER subscription through amazon lol.

But it’s fine because Thursday (3 days after my surgical procedure) my big baby boy went in for knee surgery for a torn CCL. It was one of the most stressful mornings of my life-well, until this morning lol. We researched the 3 options (TPLO, extracapsular and extracapsular/tightrope), talked to family and friends who had been through this type of injury and finally met with the orthopedic surgeon right before we left my boy there. We decided to go with tightrope and have been praying every since that it was the right choice. Especially because we were charged $3225 for it!

Luckily the bloating from my procedure has gone away because recovery is no joke! Poor baby cried the whole way home from the vet yesterday and really hasn’t stopped since. I’m guessing he’s scared, uncomfortable, itchy and in some pain. But I don’t know because we can’t talk to each other. He sleeps only about 20-35 minutes at a time, which means that’s all I got until about 3:30 am. I think I must have slept through him whining for the next 3 hours or he finally got some sleep too.

He was up from 6:30 to about 8:30 and has slept off and on for 20-35 minutes at a time for the last 3 hours. I did get 1 20ish minute nap in so that was nice. He can’t be left alone yet because he keeps trying to jump up and follow Hubster or I if we leave him. The “stay” command apparently no longer applies.

And yes, we’re both off work today. It’s my regularly scheduled every other Friday off, but Hubster had to call in sick because could you imagine me doing this with 2 other dogs in the house? Me either! Plus I’ll have all 3 of them while Hubster goes off to Monterey for a couple of days with his brothers. It’s fine though. He’ll be spending his regular every other Monday off at home with all 3 furbabies!

Back to infertility-related stuff. Yes you read that earlier sentence (about 5 paragraphs up?) right, I’m going on BCPs with my next cycle. We’re going to the clinic down in San Diego and have worked out our options for monitoring and everything. It’s pretty exciting.

I just need my AMH level to be higher by at least 0.6 than it was 2 years ago to have a shot at qualifying for their phenomenal refund program! And for that to program be worth it, I need lots of good embryos.

Basically we’ll be paying over 17k for one fresh cycle and as many FETs as that cycle gives us. Plus the cost of meds, anesthesia and ICSI, of course. But if we don’t bring home a baby after all that, we’ll get 100% of that 17k back that we can use towards open adoption. Or we can do another fresh cycle at full price, but with free meds.

So it’s exciting and scary at the same time, but at least we know eventually we’ll be parents. And hopefully not too saddled with debt to be able to send them off to college one day lol.

OK, time to strap the boy info his full body harness do he can try to potty!

Woe is me…

Really? REALLY? Here’s another pity party for ya…

My poor car is in the body shop because my husband got run into on his way to a final a few weeks ago. It took us this long to get the insurance sorted out…
Meanwhile I caught a nasty cold over my long weekend…
AND my poor (almost 4 y/o) doggy needs knee surgery.

All while finally getting my IVF diagnostic tests ordered and scheduled by my fab-o gyno!

So what does this mean? I’m still going in for my hysteroscopy on Monday. My blood tests will still be drawn on CD2-4 of my next cycle. But it looks like we’re pushing our IVF cycle back til at least February.

My furbaby will have surgery within the next 3 weeks and requires rehab/isolation from the other 2 doggies for at least 8 weeks. Hubster and I won’t be able to manage all that, plus work full time jobs, plus IVF. Especially since I’m going to SoCal for my treatment.

Le sigh.

Makes me wonder if we’re doing anything right. Should we not have 3 dogs?
Were we rushing IVF?
Is it dumb to pay $3,000 for my dog to have surgery?
And the list goes on…

Oh and I would like to mention pat myself on the back because I worked my ass off in the office today (my 1st full day in a whole week!). But now I’m tired and stressed and have a headache. (Whine, whine, whine, whine.)

That is all.

Ok, I’ll leave you in peace now.

Catch Up

It’s been a long time! I think my longest absence yet. Sorry. I’m selfish and flaky by nature. Maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me? Whatever it is, I’m sorry. So what’s been going on? Well pretty much nothing babymaking-wise. Which means I like to take a break from being infertile. I like to pretend I’m a normal woman enjoying married life before starting to “try.” Kinda makes sense considering my “trying” now entails IVF and I’m not doing that for another couple of months. So in the meantime I’m working, going on business trips, hanging out with friends (and their babies), running, spending time with family and drinking as soon as CD1 hits. Which was today, btw. So no running recently. My impending period just exhausts me, you know? But I did have a fabulous run 3 weeks ago! For the first time I completed the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. It was TOUGH but I was tougher. I beat my half mary time by 1 minute, which was a miracle considering the incredibly hilly course. I had fun, got a gorgeous TIFFANY’S necklace and finished in 2:14! image But now I’m depressed again. I was on my runner’s high for almost 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden it was gone and I’ve been depressed for about a week and a half. Every time I see a cute little kid I almost break down crying. All of a sudden it’s just so very hard. I want to have a crying baby wake me from my sleep. I want sore nipples from feeding my child. I want to argue with my husband about how much he’s “spoiling” our little one. I want to be pregnant so freaking bad. It’s been almost 4 years now and it’s becoming too much.

But I talked to my OB/Gyn today and he agreed to order all the diagnostic tests and hysteroscopy my new RE wants done. I only have to wait 1 week to do all that-yay! After that, I throw myself into holiday-survival-mode, simultaneously enjoy and survive the holidays and then we start IVF! Now I’m getting excited again…

How to survive not officially trying….

This was only my 2nd cycle with no medication, no doctor appointments and no timed intercourse in 3 years. And it was the BEST yet. How do you achieve this? By working your ass off and playing for 8 days straight.

Here’s how this last cycle went down:
1. Work


     OMG! This was one of my busiest months at work. I had no time to think about cycle days or obsess about every last pain, twinge or weird sensation in my abdomen. I’m nearing cd28 and since cd1 I went on 2 business trips and am preparing for another next week. Also, since the 2nd trip, Hubster and I have been playing hard



     Yep, we spent 3 days and 3 nights enjoying Sin City together. We ATE so much food, drank our asses off and watched 2 amazeballs shows – Beatles LOVE and Zombie Burlesque. Both are HIGHLY recommended. We also had lots of fun sexytimes (with no raising my legs up for 30 minutes) just because we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

3. Music Festival


     Yes, my husband is very patriotic and likes attention. But that’s not the point. We spent 3 long days (in the dirt) listening to awesome bands in our town.

4. Fantasy Football


     Yep, the team my girlfriend and I co-own is in first place! This is our first year playing and we are rocking it. We are undefeated after 5 weeks, not simply because we’re lucky. It’s a decent amount of work every week, but it’s actually pretty fun.

So as you see, I have no time to stress about getting pregnant. It’s still painful everyday that goes by I still wait for kids, but the insane amount of work and fun I’ve had helps to distract me from it. And the work and fun continues as I have a family trip this weekend and 2 more business trips this month. During my family trip to southern California we’re going for our first IVF consultation. Can you believe I haven’t even thought about it until yesterday? I imagine I’ll be writing another post very shortly as I work through those feelings.

I haven’t forgot about you lovelies, I just need to take a step away every once in awhile and I imagine I’ll be here more frequently as we get closer to our first IVF cycle.

Mars, Venus and the Fault in our Stars

Wow. What a week. Followed by an even more draining night. I am completely exhausted from crying all evening. Here’s a hint: I’ve reached the tail end of my cycle.

It’s been rough this week. And by some miracle, this is the first time in 3 years that I had no idea what Cycle Day I was on all month. Heck, I didn’t even know I was at the end until my darling husband mentioned it after a particularly explosive morning on Thursday.

I thought I was still 2 weeks out! Nope! Apparently I’m on cd24.

So even though Hubster knows I’m approaching the Danger Zone, he still forgets (as he does most months) that I need lots of cuddles, You’re Beautifuls and hand-holding. What do I get? Sitting on opposite ends of the couch while watching TV, quick pecks before falling asleep and he forgets I needed a ride home from our Friday lunch date so I had 5 minutes to walk 9 blocks back to work. Which meant I was a sweaty mess the whole rest of my day.

And then today I mentioned twice that I need more lovin’ and did I get a hug or pat on the leg? Nope. I got “I’m sorry” and he changed the topic. Then this evening all hell broke loose. It was bad. When we finally got it all sorted out, I asked him what happened? What changed this week for him to be so distant and unloving? He said that nothing happened and he loves me as much and he normally does so he didn’t realize I was feeling this way.

OMG how did I marry someone so completely different than me?!? As much as we love each other, share the same views on major aspects of life and have tons in common, I feel like some days we speak completely different languages! And having to repeat myself over and over and over and over becomes so frustrating.

But we talked some more, we understood each other a little better, I cried for another 20 minutes and then got dinner. That’s when I finally felt normal. I had cried almost all day and felt so sad and weepy after our fight that I was honestly wondering if I would ever be happy again. Luckily, I am. All it took was Taco Bell lol!

He knew I read the Fault in our Stars and surprisingly, I adored it. So he suggested we watch it tonight. And I so totally needed that! I needed to remember the innocence of young love, find the inspiration to envision having awesome kids like them and be grateful that I do have a truly wonderful life with a truly remarkable man.

Infertility creates insecurities in myself as a person, in my body and as a future mom. I mean, why am I not given a child? Because I’m not going to be the awesome mom I imagine, right? Well, tonight I realized that I’m making this all bigger than it needs to be. No, infertility isn’t a punishment dealt to people who will make rotten parents. A lot of amazing parents once struggled to conceive. Deep down I know I will be a great mom and Hubster will be a great dad. We will be wonderful parents one day and for now we are lucky to have more time to work our shit out before having to worry about kids. And while we’re working out the kinks of our relationship, we’re going to start dating each other and making us a priority.

We need to live more in the present because the future isn’t guaranteed. And we do have a pretty damn good life. So tonight we ended up with am impromptu date night at home and now I’m going to bed. Feeling happy and satisfied.

Tomorrow I’m going to run and work more on my home organization project. And hopefully Hubster and I will have a happy day.

Ah the joys of hormones. They definitely protect our marriage from boredom, I have to say. OK now it’s time to sleep. I’m so drained and I’m sure this post is totally incoherent. Sorry bout that.


Ugh what do I write when I’m not actively trying? And how do I process my feelings when we won’t be trying for another few months? I feel like I’m running through my life trying to enjoy a booming career and childless life. And I am. I’m actually very grateful and happy to have such an exciting and fulfilling career.

But as I run full force at work, I’m merely floating through my emotions. I’m totally not processing them and I think I’m actually afraid of them. I’m avoiding my usual relaxation therapies – running and yoga. Which also means that I’m having a heck of a time losing weight for Vegas!

Yes, Hubster and I are finally taking an exciting vacay in a couple of weeks! Part of the whole “trying to enjoy my childless life” plan right now, I guess. But I think it’s a healthy thing to do! My marriage and sanity need 4 days of us-time. There will be a couple’s massage, pool time, gambling, the Beatles LOVE Show, a hypnotist, lots of food and maybe even clubbing!

So maybe I should deal with my feelings now to fully enjoy Vegas later? Ya think? Ugh ok ok yes. I’ll get right on that. Tomorrow!

Damn, I’m a mess. Ha! But it’ll all be better soon.

I get to sign up for my flexible spending account in a few days, which means setting aside more money to start IVF next year. It’s exciting because it’s something. I hate not doing anything. I just feel so stuck. But it’s time to unstick myself, I guess.

Starting with running and yoga! I know yoga tonight before bed can be done so I’ll start there. Then I’ll sign up for a flex elect account, get my alternate work week started (Hubster has every other Monday off and I’m taking every other Friday off so every week one of us will be home 1 day with our child), continue nesting (spent the weekend reorganizing my kitchen and hallway linen closet) and saving as much money as possible.

I hope all this preparation will be worth it soon. I’m terrified it won’t.

Patience is not one of my virtues…

Sometimes it feels like this longing, heartache, hoping and fear will last forever. I know we will be parents eventually, but lately it feels like

I have a wonderful life so I often feel silly for complaining. I mean, I have a job that I love, the perfect husband, a supportive family and amazing group of girlfriends. I swear they all want us to have kids as much as we want it! And Hubster and I seriously have Our life is so full that it seems impossible to feel so empty.

But that’s how this feels. It feels like I’ll never have this hole filled up and I’m getting frustrated. Maybe even angry? Why is it taking us so long?!? Not that I want anyone to feel this way for this long, but why US?

And now my life seems so unimportant. We are going for our first of at least 2 consults for IVF in October and will wait to do anything until January. We have some financial help from my parents, but we need to set up our Flexible Spending Accounts to help offset the costs and minimize the amount we finance. My brilliant husband realized that we can have an amount deducted monthly from each of our paychecks before taxes are taken out and be put into a fund that we can access for RE bills. But Open Enrollment starts in September and deductions don’t start until January.

Also, we’re planning to go on an Alaskan cruise next summer with my entire family for my grandmother’s birthday and I don’t want to miss it. Which means I have to be in my first 2 trimesters of pregnancy or have a 6 month old next August. The latter is for sure not going to happen so if IVF does work, I would like it to not interfere with my plans. However, I am well versed in life not going according to plan, so we’ll see what actually happens!

I’m no longer taking Clomid now so I’m officially not ATTC for the next at least 4 months. What am I going to do with myself? That honestly seems like an eternity! So I decided to run another marathon in December, but it still feels so lame in comparison to trying to make a baby.

Ah the pains of ovulation…

… Have kept me home from work.

This must have been a good one because the intense throbbing woke me at 3:30 a.m. I am a very deep sleeper, ladies. I sleep so hard Hubster often jokes that he could live a secret night life and I would have no clue. And it’s true! So when I wake from pain, you know it’s bad. Sure enough, all day with a heating pad and it still feels like a bag of rocks is bouncing around in my lower abdomen.

How am I going to survive IVF if less than 10 follicles growing (I usually have about 4-6 smaller ones and 1-3 mature follies on Clomid) cause me so much pain/discomfort. I feel like such a weenie lol.

But in other news, we had sex on CD11 & CD13, with my +opk coming yesterday on CD14. Plus home insemination this morning since even thinking about intercourse hurt my tummy. So hopefully I won’t even have to worry about how uncomfortable IVF will be! Hey a woman can hope, right? Lol

My path has been made more clear

I have been feeling pretty done with our current Clomid protocol. But I felt like I needed to do something. I just didn’t know what. I mean choosing the next (or possibly ultimate) step of our family-building journey is HUGE and I tend to naturally be very indecisive so I was completely overwhelmed.

IVF, adoption or live child-free.

Those were our options. I knew deep down child-free was really not a choice and instead of the safer route of adoption, I have been feeling like I need to try IVF. I am a big “what iffer” and wondering if we could have had bio kids is not something I would be willing to live the rest of my life with.

And then while standing in line one day at Dollar Tree, Hubster advised me that he was ready to start the adoption process. And I told him I wanted to try IVF. He agreed.

In California fertility insurance coverage is not required and even though we are government workers with generally great benies, we aren’t given the luxury of IVF assistance. My insurance covers 50% of IUI, but 0% for IVF. So IVF has been off the table.

Until now.

Hubster was awesome and started looking into options to reduce the outrageous cost. He came up with enrolling into Flexible Spending Accounts and clinical trials. Unfortunately there aren’t any in our area that will pay for part of all of treatment. So FSA it is. How exciting, right?


It gets better.

I told my parents we are looking into IVF and my mom laughs and looks at my stepdad. Then she tells me they had just decided to give me the rest of my college fund that went unspent toward our family-building, be it adoption or IVF. Wow!

And it gets better.

The amount is almost the entire amount we’re guessing we need for one cycle. Holy shit. This is happening!

I cried and shouted, “I’m calling (new fertility clinic) tomorrow!” Then cried some more.

Relief and utter joy have been flowing through me since I got the news like 5 hours ago.

Now it’s just surreal.

OMG I may actually have a baby!

And my manager started a new job today and has been actively trying to recruit me. It has way more downfalls than positives (giving up my 15-min commute for a minimum 45-min commute, giving up work I feel passionate about and fun travel), but if I do IVF, I’ll need to have a regular desk job. I can’t imagine scheduling work trips (about 40% of my working life is spent out of town) around doctor’s appointments, shots (Hubster will have to stab me) and couch-rest. So as sad as I am, maybe a new job is in order?

I don’t know what God’s plan is for my life, but I know that the plan to make us parents seems to be taking shape and I take comfort in that. I have new opportunities that truly are blessings. It feels like things are finally falling into place, not apart anymore.

So today I’m good.

No, I’m freaking fantastic!

Finally. My weeks of feeling totally lost in every aspect of my life look like they’re over. For now anyway. ;-)

I feel so lost

I just don’t know what to do. About anything these days. I don’t know what direction I want to take our journey to parenthood. I don’t know how much I should continue to give of myself to my friends. I don’t know where I should focus my work energy. I don’t know if I should continue running.

I’m at a complete and utter loss.

All I know is I’m extremely emotional right now and feel so godamned alone as I come to terms with what is most likely another failed cycle. Period is due Monday so I guess I need to deal with it now, instead of waiting and becoming an uber bitch at work.

Even Hubster let me down. He gave me a 2-second half-hug when I broke down this evening. You know, the kind with one arm and feel more of their side than their chest? Yeah that’s the one I got.

Every single one of my closest friends has kids, is about to start trying or is hoping for an accident with her boyfriend of 4 months. Please can someone just shoot me now? Or kidnap me and drop me at some remote Island? Just saying…

That’s it. My head is throbbing because it won’t let me feel my pain. But there’s nothing I can do. It has shut me down yet again. No music therapy has worked and now there will be no writing therapy. Guess it’s time to pray.