Taking advantage of 2nd trimester energy

Sunday night ended the last of 10 crazy days.

Thank God.

Friday of father’s day weekend we went on a 3-day camping trip with Hubster’s brothers, nephews, and cousins. It was hot, but totally bearable with the small hand held fan, giant battery-powered fan for the tent, and an insulated water bottle with built-in sprayer. Also, the elevated air mattresses helped. We hiked a short 1.6 miles but it was exhausting. I was glad to have my trekking poles even though it was a relatively easy hike.

The pelvic girdle pain that started at 19 weeks has gotten progressively worse so I’m being a lot more careful about wearing belly/back support, doing yoga poses that strengthen and stretch my back and hips, alternating between sitting/standing often. If I’m not able to stand as often as my tailbone needs, I now carry a lovely donut around to sit on lol.

The day after arriving home from camping I went into work at 7:00 a.m. for a few hours and then headed off on a 4-day business trip. Luckily a friend of mine was able to stay the 3 nights with me and take the train into work each morning. We ate too much for dinner and had too much ice cream each night, but it was wonderful. I was productive each evening also! I got the first piece of art for the nursery, got my car washed, and my first mani/pedi in almost 2 months! Then we got down to business and watched 2-3 episodes of Scandal each night to finish the season. Wow! What a finale! I’ve been having a hard time being away from home (and Hubster) since getting pregnant so it was nice having my friend with me.

On the last day of my trip I met some family at their house to drive down to LA with. We had my grandmother’s 80th birthday party and my cousin’s college graduation to attend down there. As if that wasn’t enough for a weekend trip, my cousin and I decided to throw in a visit to Disneyland as well!

Disneyland at 23 weeks pregnant is tough, but so worth it! It was so much fun! And it was nice knowing it would be my last trip without working with a child’s schedule or tantrums. I got our little family the 60th anniversary ears and almost cried when they embroidered “Mom”, “Dad”, and “Baby” (with our last name) on the backs. That’s US! So weird. I also got the baby a Baby Stitch since he’s one of my favorite Disney characters and it totally goes with the nursery theme. It was hard seeing all the cute Minnie stuff I thought I would be buying for my daughter, but ultimately it’s ok.

After a busy weekend of Disneyland, the beach, and family celebrations, I could not wait to be home. Sitting in the car for over 6-hours was really tough though. My tailbone was not happy with me, even though I tried to pamper it.


Lesson learned. No car rides longer than 2-hours while pregnant.

And now that I’m home, it was back to work Monday morning. No rest for the weary. Not until my rotating day off on Friday, that is!

I have a prenatal on Thursday so I’ll do a pregnancy update then. For now, I’m just trying to survive work, my growing belly, and nurture the relationships in my life. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes, but even more grateful for this life and the blessings in it.

Holy gas pain!

I blame endo for having awful digestion issues-from pooping almost exclusively after constipation or as diarrhea, constant flatulence, and lots of abdominal discomfort-but none of them can hold a candle to my GI issues as a prego.

This is the 2nd morning I woke up with intense gas pains. They spread across my whole belly and are so intense it takes my breath away. And for a few seconds, I was convinced I had lost this little baby boy as there is no way he could survive this pain. Immediately I drank a ton of water, put a heating pad on my belly and struggled to get on to my left side. I passed a little gas, but nothing brought relief.

Until I felt this sweet boy moving and kicking around. He’s alive!

Then I asked Hubster to Google gas x and immediately ate 2 chewables the second we saw it was ok. But no, no relief in sight, other than a decrease in the intensity of pain. I sat on the toilet twice, but that was only more uncomfortable. I think Hubster ordered a squatty potty for me though lol! I think he was freaking out a little bit too, honestly.

Now I’m starving and in pain while the little man dances away. I’m hoping a smoothie and bowl of cereal will help move things along.

Any tips? I read eating prunes daily helps, but is there anything else I can do? It’s so paaaaainful.

Stroller shopping

I survived.

Luckily we were gifted a baby trend and a graco car seat so that narrowed our choices haha! After making Hubster run around with a graco, Bob, and baby jogger summit, we’re kind of stuck.

I know graco isn’t great, but it felt fine. So all you mother runners out there, please help! Thanks!

Anatomy scan

Well, the verdict is in. We have a BOY! I kind of knew it was going to be a boy, but kept choosing to believe we were having a girl. I mean, I was meant to have girls! Not boys! But it turns out, I’m going to have a son. So surreal on so many levels.


It took me several hours, but I’m excited. Not about the “boy” part, but about my child. I was already bonded to this baby that kicks and punches and rolls and flips inside of me all day. It was amazing to see all of his little parts and to receive validation that this child is indeed big and may very well swallow up his mama.

This baby is measuring TEN days ahead! What. Maybe that’s why I’m so huge and my pelvis is breaking!


People, I’m a 36DD right now, but my boobs look tiny against this giant bump! Most people give me this horrified look when I tell them how far along, or rather how not far along, I am. And this is why. Because my giant baby has my long limbs, daddy’s huge head and already weighs over a pound. Makes me feel much better about my 10lbs weight gain!

So that’s all for now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the news we got. We won’t know if everything is normal for a few more days. And in the meantime, I’m exhausting every channel possible to continue seeing my OB, since he’s staying in town and opening a new practice with another doctor. If not, he helped me decide on 2 possible OBs within my provider network.

Holy PAIN!

Why haven’t I heard of this whole pelvic bone separation part of pregnancy before?!? I mean, besides all of you awesome mommas, I have so many friends and family members who have shared the goriest parts of pregnancy and childbirth, but this has never been discussed in great detail!

This weekend, I went swimming at my in-laws to escape the awful summer heatwave. I paddled around and did 6 slow short laps of breast stroke before taking a break. I was all ready to do another set of 6 laps until I walked a few steps and felt this awful pain near the top of my butt. I thought I somehow broke something so I kind of slowly walked around in the pool and then treaded water slowly using more of the strength of my arms than my legs. Soon it felt better so I kicked around on my back and side and did some more walking and treading.

When I got out, walking was very painful so I sat a lot. And ever since then, standing up has hurt, but walking has been mostly fine. Until today. Today I noticed pain and discomfort closer to my nether regions when I walk or stand on one foot (to put on/take off my shoes).

Several of my coworkers told me this was normal and each time I looked at them dumbfounded. How could I not know this would happen? So I finally emailed my doctor’s office and found out it’s pelvic bone separation. WHAT.THE.FUCK. And (of course) this doesn’t usually happen until later in pregnancy. But for me and my tiny hips, it’s happening now.

The funniest thing is I always wanted my hips to spread. People always told me it’s from delivering though so I partly always hoped to deliver a baby so I could have wider hips. But for some reason it never occurred to me that my bones would be separating! Eeeeew! So weird! And freaking painful!

But every kick and movement from Little Boo makes it worth it. So I’ll happily suffer this and whatever else my body will go through, because it’s all worth this sweet little baby getting a nice comfy home.

Tomorrow is our anatomy scan and while I’m d.y.i.n.g. to find out the sex, I’m more anxious to see if ask of Little Boo’s parts are exactly where and hour they’re supposed to be. Sigh. The waiting with baited breath and worrying never end!

Baby wearing

I’m approaching 20 weeks and today I’m in shock. Not just at how quickly pregnancy is going, but that I’m pregnant! I looked down at my growing bump and right to myself, “huh. I look pregnant. Oh yeah, I am. OMG I’m really pregnant!” At 19w5d.

Then I panicked because we still haven’t gone to the store to actually try out strollers or carriers and then I realized I haven’t even started researching them! So I started with carriers because I feel like that’s easier and I’ll be using a wrap more than a stroller in the beginning. Yeah, it’s not that easy!

I knew I wanted a Moby for the early days of long bouts of baby wearing. Especially since I’ll be giving birth in colder weather, I don’t need to worry about lighter fabrics. And since I fully intend to be on-the-go, I planned to get a ring sling to quickly get my little Boo in and out. So, really, it was a matter of finding a woven ring sling I like.

Until I read about mei tai’s.

They are the wraps that look like the Chinese carriers. I love those! I carried a couple of my cousins in them when they were little and made one out of sheet in a moment of desperation with my nephew, but had no idea it was a “thing” nowadays. So the ring sling went out the door and now I’m looking into mei tai’s.

Also, I thought about an Ergo baby carrier for my hiking days later.

Anyway, for those of you baby wearing mamas, do you have any thoughts? I’m planning to go to the store and actually try them all, but the more I hear, the better!

Oh! We find out the sex next Tuesday!

Grey’s and Names

OMG my friend and I just watched THAT episode. It was awful. But this little baby is making me keep my emotions in check. Sort of.

I usually can’t make it through an episode of Grey’s without bawling my eyes out, but after a gnarly fight with Hubster last week I promised Baby I wouldn’t let myself get that worked up again. My hurt feelings aren’t more important than Baby’s health. And now Grey’s Anatomy can’t upset me that much. That dumb show is not more important than Baby.

But it was still excruciating to watch. I’m not gonna lie.

THEN I open Facebook and find that Hubster’s good friend named his baby Olivia. That was my #1 for a little girl. By some miracle, the few friends and family who have had daughters haven’t chosen that name so I really thought it was ours. I thought at least infertility hasn’t taken this away too. But now it has. And we’re so close. No, I don’t know the sex of this baby but I’m sad.

I’m really freaking sad tonight and feel like a giant baby myself.

Other than that everything is fine and wonderful.

Baby book suggestions please!

Since Baby can hear now, I am thinking about starting to read weekly her/him. Somewhere I came across a great list of baby books and think it was somewhere in the IF-world. It didn’t include the more mainstream ones so I need help!

Any ideas?

I’d like to use this as our first book tradition so something sweet and loving, obvs! I feel a little silly doing it, but with all the movement I feel now I’d like to continue this blissful state. I think this will help remind me to enjoy my pregnancy, instead of stressing about what if. Especially with a very early baby shower coming up. That’s a whole other story, but basically we’ll have a baby shower with our families on 7/25. You know, like 27 weeks pregnant? Just the usual.

Anyway, back to my (hopefully) happy place, reading to Baby.

Thanks for any ideas you can share!

Consistent movement has arrived


Did I just write that? How is this my life right now?!?

But almost every time I lay back, I can feel Baby moving around. When I press down I can feel Baby kick my hand or just roll around. Sometimes, however, it’s a flipping motion I feel inside and all of it is CRAZY!

It kind of sucks that Hubster only got to feel Baby’s movements once before I left on what is HOPEFULLY my last business trip for awhile. It makes me even more sad to be away from him because feeling Baby’s movements is the only thing he can do to feel connected to our baby. But in 2 days I’ll be home so for now I’ll just focus on the positive.

Baby is strong and everything really is fine!

OB Saga Continued

After my meltdown, I got busy. I found a potential new OB at my current OB’s practice in interested in and 3 others affiliated within the medical group, but at other locations. The furthest is about 35 minutes away from my office and the closest is about 20 minutes.

Also, I’m waiting to hear back about whether he is moving away or just going to another medical group in the area. But for now, I’m trying to get my ducks in a row to stay with my current medical group, just in case. After searching lots of lists of interview questions, I found the one that’s really gets down in the nittty gritty of what I actually want to know (I already know how office appointments and L&D on-call staff works) and want to see if any of you vets have additions? Or comments on these questions?

1. What Are Your Philosophies And Beliefs About Birth? This open ended question is the most important question you could ask an ob gyn, as it will give you an idea as to how they see birth and how they may try and control the process. Do they see birth as: A medical process which needs to be monitored and managed continuously? A process which is fraught with potential minefields and requires preventative procedures? Or; A natural process where nature should take it’s course before interfering?

2. How Much Choice Do You Feel I Should Have In The Decision Making Process? Women (and their partners) tend to have much better experiences of birth when they are involved in the decision making process and are given options. Those who feel that they have no control over or are not informed or involved with decision making tend to have a less positive experience of birth and may even end up depressed or with post traumatic stress disorder. So it’s very important to choose someone who you feel will involve and inform you throughout your pregnancy and birth, without wanting to race you out the door in five minutes.

3. What Are Your Thoughts On Pain Relief During Labour?

4. How Do You Feel About My Birth Plan? Do You Forsee Any Problems? If you haven’t yet put together your birth preferences (birth plan) it’s a good idea to take a rough one with you when you interview an obstetrician. It can always be altered later, closer to the date, but it’s important that the person who is to be your primary carer can see what you have in mind for the birth – and its important for you to find out what he/she thinks about it before it’s too late. There’s nothing worse than being in a situation where you need to make a quick decision and feel like you don’t have enough time to discuss it. Ask the obstetrician to tick or initial each point in your plan and/or sign the end of your birth plan in agreement, so when you present it to the hospital or when you face deviations to your plan, you have something signed to show the hospital or the obstetrician.

5. What Are Your Thoughts On Electronic Monitoring And When Do You Think It Should Be Used? Intermittent doppler monitoring is standard care during labour, however some obstetricians and/or hospitals prefer to use more restrictive and invasive procedures of monitoring which can affect the way you plan to labour and give birth. Continuous CTG monitoring which involves you being stuck in one position, usually on the bed, and can be detrimental to the progress of labour.

6. What Is Your Induction Rate And When Do You Think Induction Of Labour Should Be Considered? Obstetricians will have varying protocols on induction, from inducing only days after your guess date, some 7-10 days post-dates, some 2 weeks, and some will allow more if baby and mother are well.

7. What is your caesarean section rate and in what situations will you recommend a caesarean section?

8. How do you feel about mothers being separated from their babies after a caesarean? What about immediate skin to skin contact if all are well?

9. What is your episiotomy rate and in what situations would you perform one? These days it is not common to find an Obstetrician who will do routine episiotomies, however they are still being performed during the birth.

10. How do you feel about vaginal breech birth? If you support it, what conditions do you have?

11. How do you manage the third stage? The third stage is the birth of the placenta. It may seem like something irrelevant, but there are some very important things here that affect your baby, remembering that the placenta has been the baby’s life support system for nine months and contains building blocks for your baby’s body. Firstly, in order to streamline and hurry things along after your baby is born, just about all hospitals and obstetricians will clamp and cut the cord right away, then give you an injection to expel the placenta (and also prevent haemorrhage which is an increased risk if you have a high intervention birth or induction). You can ask to be given this only if you do show signs of excessive blood loss or if you have had an induction, but for normal, healthy birth, haemorrhage rates are low. In a normal pregnancy and labour, there is no reason to hasten delivery of the placenta either. When you are given this injection, which is similar to what they use to induce labour with a drip (syntocinon) and make the uterus contract, it means that the cord needs to be cut straight away. Why is that undesirable? Because there are several studies now which show that where the cord is left unclamped until it has stopped pulsating (i.e. all the blood has gone from the placenta to the baby), there are less cases of babies with anaemia, blood transfusions and other blood conditions. The baby will get months of iron stores from this valuable blood supply and of course, all it’s precious cord blood and stem cells. If you cut the cord early or donate the cord blood, your baby doesn’t get to keep those super valuable cells – and it’s alot of blood volume for a baby. A physiological third stage is something you can ask for if you want the third stage to be completely natural.
Source: http://www.bellybelly.com.au/pregnancy/questions-ask-obstetrician/

Also, I’d like to forgo the bath at the hospital and just have the nurse do a wipedown.

Thanks for your help and your support in getting me through this!