Worried I’m not ovulating this month…

I was cautiously optimistic about finally getting pregnant this month, but now I’m really concerned that it’s not a possibility. I’m on CD 15 and have yet to receive a +OPK. I know, I know. They aren’t super reliable, but I’ve gotten 2 +OPKs every month that U/Ss and blood work has shown ovulation. So they have ALWAYS worked for me.

And no I haven’t been temping or checking CM because the OPKs have always worked and I’m trying not to be super obsessive (since I naturally swing that way), but now I’m totally regretting it.

I guess I just took it for granted that the leftover clomid in my system would make me O this month, but now I’m not so sure. Since I usually O on CD 15 or 16, we’re BDing like crazy, just in case. But as if I wasn’t worried enough about this cycle, now this.

I was planning on taking a real break in May through the summer, but I think it’s time to schedule my next lap for next month (fingers crossed the clomid didn’t anger my endo) and break early. 😦

7 thoughts on “Worried I’m not ovulating this month…

  1. And now I feel super bloated so my crazy head is swimming with possibilities! Maybe I will be ovulating today or tomorrow and I have two giant follicles like last month! Afterall, this is how I felt on this day last month…sigh…I really HATE this rollercoaster!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry…if it helps at all after I got off clomid I started ovulating but I don’t ovulate till around CD 20. Maybe it is just a little late this month? Good luck!

    ICLW #61

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