Hubster and I were excited to watch the Hunger Games today that we bought our tickets last night and even got to the theater 30 mins early to get good seats. But boy did we underestimate the mass excitement for this movie!! We walked into a HUGE theater and it was completely full! As we walked down a row that promising, we saw jackets and purses on every empty seat. I couldn’t believe we got there so early and we were going to have to sit in the front row! Luckily a woman stopped us and told us we could have the two seats next her. We sat down and I realized they were the BEST seats in the theater! Eeeek! SOOOO exciting!

So we started watching the previews and all of a sudden a group of men with their kids and baby strollers are on the screen. With Chris Rock. HYSTERICAL. What to Expect When You’re Expecting looks like an unbelievably funny movie. And as I’m cracking up watching the previews, I start thinking about Hubster and how him and his friends can make up a little “fight club” (play group) like the characters in the movie and how cute it would be to see him and his daddy friends with all of their kids. Oh wait. He’s not a dad and who knows if/when he’ll be one? Shit. Now the tears start. What a mess. Here I was excited to go and forget about IF for two stinkin hours and I’m laughing and crying because I don’t know if I’ll make Hubster a daddy one day.

Luckily the previews for Titanic and the last Twilight movie came on so I could lose myself in them. And then the Hunger Games. So great. Really well done and one of the best book to movie adaptations I’ve seen. They did an amazing job with casting and sets. Almost everything was exactly the way I pictured it while reading the book. Even Katniss. Except I didn’t picture such perfectly high, apple cheekbones. 😉 I completely lost myself in the story and the tragedy of lost innocence and life. And the beauty of a fighting spirit.

So I got to forget about IF for two hours, but now I’m depressed because I keep remembering the preview for the movie that I want in my life. Seriously, I’m so sad, but in the sadness (and maybe Katniss’ courage lol!) comes the desire to fight for our future children. So no, I really don’t want to quit for awhile and indulge in all of the vices I’ve been avoiding. So much for finally being ready to take a break!  

7 thoughts on “HUNGER GAMES!!!

  1. Hi! ((hugs)) I completely understand what you are going through. I’m watching all my friends and relatives with their big ol’ bellies, going on to have their second or even third child and it just breaks my heart. Even out here in the blog world it is too much sometimes to read bloggers who now have their BFPs and are on their pregnancy journey. I haven’t been TTC for very long, but I definitely feel left behind. As a fellow PCOS dogmommy, I wish you all the best!

    ICLW #86

    • HI Jennifer! Thanks for the virtual hugs- they were much needed. 😉 Omg don’t get me started on all of the pregnant bellies and kids around me. I’m also so (un)fortunate to know that every single pregnant person or parent in my life got pregnant accidentally or on the first or 2nd try!!!!! So not only do I also feel left behind, but really struggling with the (un)fairness of life! Thanks for the well-wishes and good luck to you!

  2. Stopping by from ICLW…
    I thought the same thing when we went to see The Hunger Games this weekend. The movie definitely looks hilarious, but it left my heart aching just like every other time I see babies and strollers.

  3. I really need to read these hunger games. I am still trying to finish twilight though if that tells you anything! Hugs to you and sorry that suck IF had to sneak up on you like that!

    • Haha thanks! Hurry and finish twilight and then hunger games will feel like really quick reads. 😉 I was thinking about rereading breaking dawn until I saw how thick it is lol!

  4. I absolutely LOVED the movie. It was so well done. I think they skipped over a lot of character development (which sucks for those who didn’t read the books) but since I read them it was totally fine with me. They did SUCH a great job with all the other parts. I just love love loved it and can’t wait to see it again.

    I’ve got my BFP and I still cringe watching that stupid trailer. What dumb dumb movie idea.(although it probably is quite funny) Like what is even the plot?!

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