(Almost)Ready to face the world…I think?

I went to yoga tonight and feel immensely better than I have in days. I have been skipping my Tuesday night classes because it’s the more advanced class and to be honest, I am one of the weaker ducks in class. I can twist and fold and stretch much better than most beginners, but my chicken legs and upper body are seriously lacking strength. But I made myself go.

Since I am (almost)giving up on this cycle because I have yet to receive a +OPK on CD 18, I have been dieting better (the low-carb, no refined sugar/simple carbs one, minimal dairy) and working out a ton! I feel great! I have lost 6 of my 12 Clomid pounds (part of that is probably due to the decrease in bloating lol) and am working on 8 more. 😉 So I decided 45 mins of elliptical before 1 hr of intermediate/advanced yoga couldn’t hurt. And boy did it NOT!

Yes, I admit I seriously contemplated leaving class early when my legs were dyyyying and I looked at the clock only to notice that class wasn’t almost over- it wasn’t even HALF over. So I dug deep and stayed and I’m so glad. I feel good now. I had some weird pulling sensations in my abdomen and then when I got undressed I noticed my boobs were full and nips were sore. Weird.

So maybe I did ovulate and I’m now in my 2ww?!? But the last time I had all of these odd symptoms (lightheaded all day today, weird pulling sensations, exhaustion, and SORE/FULL boobs) was the first month I took 100mg of Clomid. I O’ed on CD16 and starting feeling these symptoms 8DPO. I didn’t take ANY Clomid this month so what’s the deal? Smh.

So now I’m just trying to focus on the things that calm me. I scheduled my first acupuncture appt for next week and am waiting for my referral to the fertility clinic so I can make an appt with my new RE (without having to put down a $200 DEPOSIT!! Seriously?!? Do any of you deal with that BS?) and make a plan. 

So now, I’m just about ready to stop hiding in my cubicle (well, we have half-cubes so I guess I’m not even really hiding) and avoiding my FERTILE (all uppercase because it’s ridiculous how fertile they freaking are!) friends/family members. Good timing because I have to travel down to Southern California this weekend for my lil sister’s 30th bday!

So any ideas about my weirdass cycle this month and possible 2ww symptoms?!?

8 thoughts on “(Almost)Ready to face the world…I think?

  1. What’s going on with your temps?? Or are you still not charting? That’s the best way to know if you have really O’d. I would ovulate as late as CD 24 sometimes on my own, so even if you didn’t there’s still time. Maybe those feelings today we ovulation?

    And you’re awesome! 6 pounds!!! Congrats! And I’m so proud of you for going to yoga, I so would have bailed. Man I wish we lived closer so you could motivate me to go!

    Help me out here… smh?

  2. I’ve done the thing where I think I’m going to die, look at the clock and realize class just started. LOL. Never had sore boobs though. Good luck at your first appointment!

    • hahaha it was such an agonizing feeling!!! i just couldn’t believe it! and thanks! as soon as it’s finally scheduled, i’m sure i will be writing a post requesting advice!!! i feel like i went about this whole thing all wrong and should have been more inquisitive and assertive with my first doc.

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