10 Things I’m Thankful For

In the spirit of pulling myself out of the bad place I’ve been, I’ve decided to start reminding myself of the things I’m most thankful for. I may do this on a weekly/monthly/whenever the heck I feel like it basis, I dunno. But I feel good right now. I baked a shitload (like 10 dozen) of cookies tonight for a bake sale at work tomorrow and read at least 4 blogs in the last hour and a half. Now I feel like facing the world as a “normal” person can actually happen- yay!

So here goes:

1. the ALI blogging world!!!  Even though I’m new and don’t have much to contribute yet, all of YOU help me so much. I find at least two posts every time I read that really help me get through whatever I’m going through. and nothing else can top you all! (thanks again Izzy for the push!)

2. the support of everyone IRL, no matter how annoying they get. i know that they love me and care about me and that’s why some of them just won’t leave me alone- even when I ask politely. and even when i’m not so polite, they don’t get their panties in a bunch and get upset with me, they just keep loving me

3. AMAZON!!!! i bought a new fertility yoga DVD and some teas and 2 days later they were on my doorstep. LOVE it.

4. my job. i’m lucky to have one. i’m even luckier to like it most days. i also get to help people (though it’s not in social services like i would prefer) and interact with our clients directly. i love that!  i also get paid pretty decently. like more than most of my friends. and to top it off, they are like family. who can say that about work? especially as a State (government) employee?!?

5. my KitchenAid stand mixer!!!! even Hubster was amazed at it’s power. i’m swooning again just thinking about it mixing all of that dough. i can’t wait to try out new things with it!!

6. Hulu. we gave up cable almost a year ago and Hulu is sustaining (if not indulging and making worse) our tv addiction. i watched a million episodes of Parks and Recreation while baking and cracked up the entire 4 hours.

7. fertility friend. yes, i’m finally back to charting and doing their online charting course lol! can you tell i’m serious? 😉

8. acupuncture, teas and vitamin supplements. even though i’m not medicated or monitored for the next couple of cycles, i’m hopeful that i may ovulate on my own because of these wonderful discoveries. first acupunture appointment friday! yipeee!!

9. the hope of a new RE. my health system has teamed up with a fertility clinic that has a great track record and the RE i have heard such great things about is there. my appt is on the 23rd and i’m so excited! yaaay!!

10. my family. Hubster and my 3 furbabies are my rocks and comfort. i would be lost without them.

Thank you again for all of the support, advice and guidance. Goodnight. 🙂

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