Day 12

DAY 12:  If you are not yet a parent: What are you MOST looking forward to about parenthood?

I am most looking forward to creating new traditions and relationships in our family. I love my family so much, but the realtionships with my mom and sister are the WEIRDEST I’ve ever seen. Even though we all love each other dearly, there is this weird competition between the 3 of us that is not healthy. I want to raise children with the closeness I felt between my mom and sister, but without so much competition and blatant differences in which my mom has treated my little sister and I. I also can’t wait to see the relationships formed between Hubster and our kids and how my relationship with Hubster grows and evolves.

As far as traditions, we have all of these ideas about holidays, family vacations and even living everyday life that I can’t wait to start making!!  🙂

Now for the TTC stuff. I’m almost in the middle (?) of my cycle (if it’s longer than 23 days this time) and I’m CRAMPY AND BLOATED!!!!!!  It doesn’t feel like the ovulation pain I felt before and now I’m worried AF is making a really early appearance since I’m only on CD11. 😦 So now I’m sitting at my desk with a heating pad in my lap and drinking this damn fertility blend tea hoping this is not AF.

Anyone feel period-like symptoms from ovulation?

Oh and I’m soooo proud.  I turned down doughnuts TWICE this week and girl scout cookies!  My office always has too many sweets and I almost always partake. 😉

6 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Just this past month I had period-like cramps when I was ovulating. I know I ovulated two eggs, so I don’t know if they had something to do with it or not. They lasted about 5 or 6 hours and were concentrated on my left side which is where I ovulated from. They weren’t super intense, more like gas pains or constipation like pains…sorry if that’s TMI 🙂 Hope this helps and I hope AF stays far, far away for now!!

    • Thanks!!!! That really does help! Last time I had O pain it was really sharp pains that I felt. And I was really gassy lol. (Don’t worry about anything being TMI with me! ;-)) This time it was actually cramps I felt throughout my lower abdomen until I stood up and rubbed my belly. That’s when I noticed they were on my left side. Maybe this was ovulation cramping and not AF! The cramps are gone now, but I’m still bloated. 😦

      Does this happen during actual ovulation or before? I’m a little bummed we didn’t BD last night now. Although we have been the last few days, but still. Timing has always been our issue! 😉

  2. Oh yeah. It is very specific, shows up the day after surge begins and lasts for about half an hour, where there is uncomfortable cramping, almost akin to that feeling like constipation (Don’t you love it when total strangers and new visitors to your blog share such info?):)

    Best of luck with this cycle!

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