Eeeeeek!!!! It’s actually happening!

No, not a BFP, but I’m OVULATING SOON!!!!  My second cycle off of Clomid and my wonderful (cheapie leftover from last cycle) OPK was positive!!! 🙂 So I guess the pain I was feeling this morning was indeed ovulation!!!  I’m not out this cycle like I planned. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I first had a clue this morning when my temp was the same as yesterday, then came the cramping and bloating and this afternoon I got my +OPK. I’m sure you guys get it. I didn’t think I Oed last month, but probably just missed it since I’m on CD11 today and don’t usually start testing til CD12 (I usually have long cycles and refuse to buy two boxes each month).

Since this would be cycle #2 off of Clomid and I didn’t know if I Oed last month, I really felt like we were out this month. I kept thinking this was the month to prep my body. I changed my diet late last cycle, started acupuncture and got my fertility tea so that in a few cycles from now I might ovulate naturally. And of COURSE this is the month when we got into a much better sexytime groove.  So I have been shaking my head about how the timing of our sexytime was probably the main culprit of my BFNs for the last several months and the one month I am CERTAIN we’re out, we finally get it together!

And now that I’ve been much better about being more “realistic” and not hopeful at all (though Hubster keeps saying, “you never know, it might happen this month!!”), now the hope is back. Like really back. And the dready 2ww. I was actually looking forward to not having one. I was planning on boozing it up at an event in two weeks. But now, I’m hoping to POAS in two weeks. When my sister is miraculously in town AGAIN this month. OMG now I’m really hoping it’ll happen this time because then I can tell my family and the one person missing will actually be here!!!!

Ok, it’s time for distraction. Shall I catch up on my shows? Put away laundry?? Take a bath and read??? Ok I’ll put away laundry while watching tv and then take a bath. That should be about the time Hubster gets home from his night class and we can have some more sexytime!

Eeeeeek!!!!!  We’re not out this month!

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