Day 13

DAY 13:  Describe your dream vacation.

Hmmm that’s a hard question because I’ve already been on a couple…

I think I would have to say a month-long vacation somewhere…either travelling through Asia or Europe. I’ve only been to China/Hong Kong/Macau and the Tokyo airport and there’s soooo many Asian countries I want to visit. And I’ve never been anywhere in Europe.

I said “month-long” because everywhere I’ve gone seems to require much more than one week to see everything I want see, do everything I want to do and RELAX a ton. 😉

Unfortunately all vacays will be postponed for at least this year, if not next as well, depending on the babymaking. It’s a huge sacrifice for Hubster and I, but it’s totally worth it. 🙂


We will be spending the evening (and most of the weekend) dancing around the house to the live streaming of the Coachella music festival! 🙂

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