Day 15 and HOLY HORMONES!!!!

DAY 15:  List 5 things you want to do before you die.

1. Travel to every continent, except Antartica

2. Swim with dolphins

3. Visit every state in the U.S.

4. Play with chimps


Now onto the hormones. Wow. I have cried in 3 straight PARKS AND RECREATION episodes. For some reason Hubster and I have missed this awesome show and were introduced to it on a plane ride back east. Hilarious! So we’ve been catching up on all 4 seasons since last August. Anyway, we’ve been watching Parks and Rec all weekend and today I keep crying!

I also can’t get enough of Hubster. My love for him is so deep it’s actually grossing me out. I keep staring at him and kissing him and hugging him. I even dreamed about saying that I wouldn’t fantasize about dating a hot celebrity because I’m so happily married. WTH?!? That shouldn’t be in my DREAMS!!!! lol

And it’s weird because while we have a great relationship, it’s definitely not perfect and we are having increasingly more and more issues. Soooo what is going on with me???

6 thoughts on “Day 15 and HOLY HORMONES!!!!

  1. I feel you on the hormones! I feel like I have been walking around with tears in my eyes for days but I have absolutely nothing to cry about. Could be a really good sign 🙂

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