Day 18…new obsession, proud to be a quitter & consult with RE next Monday!!!

DAY 18:  What is your favorite infertility-related quote?  It doesn’t have to be explicitly related to infertility, but one that means something to your personal journey.

I don’t have one.  Please fill my page with LOTS of inspirational comments. 😉 I know “things happen for a reason/when they’re supposed to,” “this, too, shall pass,” and all of the other generally inspirational things people say, but, for obvious reasons, I’m not a fan inthis circumstance.

I’ve always felt that God doesn’t just hand people blessings, but if you work hard enough you will be rewarded. I also know that being a parent is not everyone’s path, but I refuse to believe this is true for me. I’m one of those people that were truly born to be a parent.

So don’t hold back, shoot me your best inspirational quotes that I can hold onto!!!  Thanks!

New obsession:

My chart. I had the fallback rise at 2 DPO and my temps have been climbing ever since. I’m currently at 6 DPO and I’m +0.5 degrees from my 1 DPO temp. I have never charted an ovulatory cycle before so all I can think about is my chart and my morning temp. I sometimes wake up several times a night to temp only to realize the time and immediately fall back asleep each time.  And thankfully the last time I wake up is more than 3 hours before my alarm waked me up so it shouldn’t throw them off. So I have been Googling “fallback rise” and “triphasic charts” all day! Yikes!

I’m a proud quitter…

Of the cleanse I started yesterday. I typically go through several bouts of constipation and the big D throughout the month- more often than having regular BMs. So I thought a cleanse would be especially helpful to me. Well it was. But too much. I was running to the bathroom all afternoon. AT WORK! This was not okay with me. Not only did it make me super unproductive, but I was soooo embarassed with people walking in and out while I sat there for at least 10 minutes each time. So I’m modifying the cleanse by eating actual food along with the soups for the next week and will do it FOR REAL for two days over the weekend. When I’m home and able to run to the bathroom without dying of embarassment. I plan to do it over 4 weekends during the months of May and June. 🙂

Upcoming appt with RE:

I’m feeling a lot of things about this. Hopeful that he’ll be our “stork,” worried that I’ll be wasting our time and money because what if I end up pregnant this cycle(?!), and anxious that I won’t be educated/persistent enough to make sure I’m receiving the best care possible.  To alleviate this last issue I am asking for suggestions of questions I should ask at my consultation and ideas of what I may expect.

The only testing that was done with my last doctor was Hubster’s SA, which we were told was “normal.” I have previously diagnosed Endometriosis, but no lap for the last 8 or 9 years and never had an ovulatory chart for the 4 months I charted before my period stopped coming. I will be requesting a lap for sure because it’s been so long and Clomid can sometimes exacerbate the endo, but that’s as far I know. Since I’ll be doing a lap, I won’t have to do the HSG (thank God!) but I’m thinking there are other tests I should do? I’m feeling overwhelmed here! :-/

Thanks for your help!!!

PS- Tomorrow I will be addressing the wonderful award given to me! Very excited!

7 thoughts on “Day 18…new obsession, proud to be a quitter & consult with RE next Monday!!!

  1. You so stole the words out my mouth!!!! I also don’t do the quote thing and also share your believe that you don’t just get handed out by God, you have to do your part, work hard and then he meets you half way …

    Yay for your detox, I know it is horrible but I is a sign that it is working, DON’T QUITE

    I cannot remember all the bloodtests I had to go for in the beginning but do ask him to test your AMH as you know, I went throught 2 years of treatments before they tested this and with this one test I got the answers that I needed so badly. Do write down all your questions, believe me when you get there you are so overwhelmed you forget half the stuff

    Good luck and let me know how it went xxx

    • Girl, I have to quit. I can’t keep running to the bathroom (to blow it up in there) at WORK! Even going to a different floor freaks me out and twice I was worried I wouldn’t make it! No good at work. 😉

      Thanks for the AMH suggestion- totally forgot about this somehow!

      • I was just telling DH about you last night and asked him to find me a really good plan as well but now you have me thinking …. I need to do something like this end of next month beginning of June before I start my next treatment. Maybe you (and me) should do it over a weekend when you not at work say over three week ends? I will let you know if I find something

  2. I am a quote junkie and most of them could be applied to IF in someway but lately I’ve been listening to some music and that has been influencing some too. My RE required that I get the AMH test done and it was just another vial of blood. But like alleycatm said write everything down and don’t be afraid to call back if you think of something after.

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