Day 19 and feeling Zen…

DAY 19:  List 5 pet peeves.

1. Using the “Dominance theory” for dog training (sorry if I offend you, but poor puppies!)

2. The word, “alrighty.”

3. Annoying fertiles with their perfect bumps and kids

4. Hubster making fun of my chick flix. At least he knows to keep his mouth shut for Twilight! 😉

5. My coworker sucking back a ton of snot! She just did it again!!!! YUCK!

I went for a 3.25 mile walk yesterday with my fam and Emily (middle dog). It was wonderful walking down the greenbelt and canals, talking and laughing. And getting a workout! We did it in just over an hour! Anyway, my little cousin is 21 and has listened to me complain about IF since the beginning. Her standard response is, “That sucks.” And it works! Because this DOES suck. Anyway, I told her that one of Hubter’s friends is expecting and she commented on how many of our friends have kids or are preggo and actually empathized with me! Then when I told her about the upcoming baby shower I planned on skipping, but since they changed the weekend and another IFer is going, I’m probably going to go. She’s excited to have a fellow IFer there and I don’t blame her. But I still don’t want to go. I will feel too much jealousy and resentment and don’t know if I can hide it. But I’m sure I’ll go. Anyway, it was nice to know that someone not going through IF can actually empathize and understand how painful a life full of super-fertiles can be for an IFer. I love her. 🙂

And in other good news, my acupuncturist rocks!!!! Either that or my hormones are balancing out on their own. But I’m happy to report the metallic taste is GONE! Woooo! I think it’s the man with the needles and look forward to my session tomorrow. Going twice a week seemed daunting at first, but since the cost is really low and I feel better and better, I’m sticking with it. If anyone’s new to acupuncture check out a community acupuncture clinic near you! 🙂

Finally, Hubster and I got our tickets to OUTSIDE LANDS!!! YAHOOOOO! It’s an awesome music festival in beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. What a happy day!

9 thoughts on “Day 19 and feeling Zen…

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling zen!!! And also glad acupuncture is working out for you. I tried it once and wasn’t a fan, but maybe I gave up to quickly? Now go eat something delicious now that the metallic tasts is gone!

    • I’m still new at acupuncture, but I’m sure it’s not for everyone. I say try it 3x and if you don’t like, then you don’t like it. 😉 I just ate something really wonderful and I can’t wait to drink a small yummy smoothie when I get home with no metallic aftertaste!

  2. Um, I say alright a lot 😦 I’ll try not to do it in front of you!

    You know it’s funny how occasionally a non IFer can really relate. I have one good friend who really surprised me and was so sweet while we were struggling. She would text and check in on me weekly and was just always so sweet and said the right things. Some people are just born with the right words and knowing how to be empathetic. I wish they all did….

    Super jealous about outside lands, they have an AWESOME line up this year. I don’t think Andrew would be into it and I’m having a hard time imagining having energy for anything these days. Maybe as the time gets closer…. I would freaking love to go.

    • No, no. Not “alright,” but “alrightY.” I don’t think you say that a lot or I would have noticed. Either that or I just don’t care when you say it. 😉

      I’m so glad you have a friend like that. All of mine have ended up saying the wrong thing at the WRONG time at least twice. 😦

      • I just typed it wrong, I say alrightY. You know, like Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Alllllrighty then….. hehe. Sorry, last time!

        Yea my majority of friends always say all the wrong things but then randomly someone will surprise you! And if they don’t you just come to me 🙂

        P.s. I’m so freaking happy about your acupuncturist!! I’m so glad he is doing good work and that you’re feeling good about it. Your body is going to be functioning in tip top shape in no time!!

      • Ugh. That’s exactly why I don’t like that word. from that movie lol!!!

        Yep, I’ll be blowing your cell up soon enough I’m sure. I’m trying to be good and actually hang out with friends again…

  3. OMW, I also have a co worker that does that and she is a girl, it sounds some days that she goes and fetch it from her small little toe …. I want to the bathrooms one day, got a roll of toilet paper went back to her and put it her her desk, said very nicely that it is only good manners …. She was upset !!!!???

    Babyshowers, good luck girl. The last one I attended I was sitting in the bathroom most of the time crying, it was a small party. I think we were about 7 or 8 people, I was the only one NOT pregnant, all of the ladies had bellies and then in most cases the second child and one of the girls were expecting twins …. that was one of the worst days ever!!

    • Hahaha I just offer her tissue and she usually takes it!

      Yeah I successfully avoided one and am facing the fact that I have to go to this one. The weekend was cleared with us before we knew what they were planning. 😦 Oh, well. I’ll a fellow IFer to be “bitchy” with. 😉

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