An apology and Day 20

I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not commenting on other blogs very much this week and for not doing the Lovely Blog award activity. I will.  Soon.  Between acupuncture twice a week, working out 4x/week and normal life stuff, I just haven’t been on my computer much at home. Also, Hubster was starting to feel neglected. But I promise to be there for you very soon, who have so graciously been there for me. 🙂

DAY 20:  Were you a product of infertility?

Nope!  All of the women in my life are very fertile- which makes this journey so much harder. 😦

Have a great weekend everyone! The California sun is bright and shining and I’m loking forward to a great weekend with family and friends! Lots of good distractions from my 2ww. 🙂

5 thoughts on “An apology and Day 20

  1. Hi… here from ICLW 🙂 Good luck for your upcoming appt… hope it brings you good news and your dream on the horizon xo

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