Day 26

DAY 26: Post a picture of something that makes you happy.

This hard to decide on so I chose three…



The girls are cuddled up on one pillow and our giant is taking up an entire one by himself.  It was cold that evening and Emily has really short hair so she sometimes cuddles with her sister. Guess we should have lit a fire that night!!!


This was our greeting when we arrived at our beachfront resort in Costa Rica. These make me happy when IF gets hard (right NOW!) because I remember the good times with Hubster and that we’ll be okay if we don’t end up with a child after all.


Funny animal pictures CRACK ME THE H UP!!! This is currently the background on my work computer since I need lots of pick-me-ups this week. 😉

I feel so much better. I didn’t test this morning even though I just bought 6 tests last night. My temp dropped a little and I was convinced AF would be here today. I even reminded myself that I need to schedule my baseline ultrasound today. Then I realized I didn’t actually START yet and I need to stop getting so far ahead of myself lol!!!! So I’m still terrified that AF is on her way, but for now I am ok.

Thank you 30-Day Challenge for providing me with smiles today!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. That picture of the beach is so beautiful!! Remember, it ain’t over til it’s over!!!!! I hope AF stays far, far away. My fingers are crossed for you 🙂

    • I know. I stood on the beach just staring and snapping pictures for at least 20 mins. And then I did the same on our room’s balcony. Thanks for the reminder. I should tape a picture of a woman in a viking hat singing opera (that’s what I pictured when I read your comment) on my bathroom mirror. I need that reminder a lot more these days…

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