Day 29 and my cycle was a bust.

Day 29:  What is your favorite book?

A Thousand Pieces of Gold. It opened my eyes to Chinese immigration into the U.S., which made me ask questions and read more. If anyone is interested in Chinese culture, read Lisa See’s books. So great!


And my period came last night. Bummer. I had a good cry, but feel better today. I have a great husband and great dogs. I have a great life and I will not mourn what we don’t have, but will appreciate and cherish what we do have. Which is a great life.

Oh and I can keep running and we’ll also make our next-steps-plan today, which will give me plenty to focus on.

Thanks everyone for the support! Your well-wishes and understanding are keeping me from wallowing.

11 thoughts on “Day 29 and my cycle was a bust.

  1. Stay strong. Honestly. You have a great perspective on things and that will help immensely. Yes to running. Yes to next-steps. And when did cycle day 1 become such a beacon of doom. I hate it too. Here’s to the day when it’s welcomed back. Big hug!

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