Still chugging along, though I feel a little relieved!

Today I am 11dpo and while I’m getting more and more anxious about testing and a possible visit from AF, I am still doing a great job of keeping myself distracted. Today at work was an exception because my friend with PCOS (not ATTC yet, but only half protecting) is anxiously awaiting the arrival of AF. Her periods are obviously irregular, but she should have Oed on the 7th (she’s been using OPKs just to time her periods and as a reassurance that she’s Oing…yes I have explained that OPKs aren’t confirmation but that’s a different story ;-)) so AF will hopefully show up tomorrow.  Or hopefully she’ll be getting that second line soon. 😀  I would really hate for her to have to go down this crappy IF path.  Anyway, we discussed almost everything TTC-related and I still feel like I’m okay emotionally.  I’m still not symptom-spotting and the fleeting desire to temp “just to see” where my temp is at has not come around for the last few days.  I have been extremely fatigued and even left work at lunch yesterday to sleep all afternoon.  I also cried when I got home just because I felt like crying.  The fatigue is nothing new – it happens while I’m on Clomid.  And I’m emotional naturally so on Clomid I’m always an emotional wreck.  I have also had a few other pregnancy symptoms I get on Clomid but I would have to sit and think about it to remember which.  See?  I’m totally not reading into things (even though Hubster is lol) yay!!! I’m just keeping the positive vibes up and trying to get through the next week.

So remember how I mentioned a faint line last month?  Well I just learned that blue dye tests (vs the pink ones) are notorious for false positives!!!!  I feel hecka dumb for not remembering that, but also relieved to know that I’m not THAT crazy. 😉 I remembered previously reading that fact when I was obssessively researching HPTs again today. So doi and PHEW!!!!

And I’m probably going to test Thursday morning, but I’m trying to hold off til at least Friday. For you lucky ones at there, when did you get your BFPs?  I know you can get them pretty early (9 or 10 dpo), but I also know that one of my friends didn’t get hers til her period was almost two weeks late.

And here’s an interesting pic my IF coworker shared with me:

16 thoughts on “Still chugging along, though I feel a little relieved!

  1. 13 do for me. I usually think 12 dpo is a good day to test but I also think getting my period was generally easier than seeing a negative test.

    I’m proud of you for keeping yourself distracted!!!

  2. That is so cute that your husband symptom spots for you! My husband pretty much goes into denial every month, probably because I ALWAYS think I am pregnant. I am so excited for you!!!! I will literally jump up and down when you get your BFP. Positive thoughts all being sent your way!!!

    • Haha it is cute. But it’s also a little hard because I want to downplay things so my hopes don’t get too high, but he needs the high hopes. 😉 Hahaha THANKS!!!! And there will be a lot of jumping up and down from me when you get yours too!! 🙂

  3. I got mine at 10dpo, super obvious, BUT I am having twins. And I have known people online who have a teeny faint line at 14dpo and who have gone on and are still pregnant (I don’t know that many people online from bfp to baby yet)

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