My baseline did not go well.

This was the very first BFP, the very first miscarriage and the very first disappointing devastating baseline. Usually I’m cleared and have my Clomid & trigger Rx and I’m heading out the door within 20 mins. This time I was out the door in 20 mins with a lab slip in hand. So it turns […]

My sister

I have mentioned her in the past and now I’d like to share my story. My sister is only 16 months younger than me. We were dressed alike often as small children and taught to love each other, but as much as I do love her, I also can’t stand her a lot of the […]

Sadness & sweat

These two things are all I think about lately. I had a reeeeally tough time at work this week. It was hard for me to concentrate on writing clear, sympathetic responses to our members’ inquiries and heaven forbid I have to talk to them on the phone. My brain has been this thick mud all […]

I’ve just had my first chemical pregnancy, but welcome ICLWers!!

From WebMD: “A chemical pregnancy is a miscarriage, except that you can only diagnose it by a urine or blood test. The pregnancy miscarries too early to be seen on ultrasound. The cause of a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage) is the same as any other miscarriage: Over two-thirds of miscarriages happening early on (the first six […]


That’s my number. We’re sad and I have some feelings to work through, but they aren’t all bad. SHOCKER! Get ready for a dump… I am so unbelievably sad. I feel such a sense of loss even though it wasn’t really much to begin with. But it was something. Remember how I was losing hope and about […]

Update: Still no news

I, of course, POAS (or three) this morning and there were very faint lines. I have called my RE’s office twice and still no results.  I’m picturing my baby jar at home and have thanked God and whatever is in there giving me faint lines for being there. I have thought positive thoughts and promised […]