Only one thing can pull me out of my funk and that happens to be…

…MAGIC MIKE!!!!  Eeeek!  I just made plans with my girlfriends to watch it the first week of July and that happens to be babymaking time!!! Yes, CD 1 just arrived and while it’s disappointing, it’s also what I need right now. I made my appt for my baseline and THE cycle has started. I feel really good about this one. And while I was having mixed feelings about starting CD 1 today, this pic totally cheered me up:


I’m also quickly making my way through Pandemonium and will read the series’ 1/2 book, Hana, after that. The 3rd book, Requiem, isn’t out until March 2013. Ugh. But I do have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer, etc. to read in the meantime. 🙂

So even though I woke up depressed this morning and had to use my shower this morning to pump myself up enough to actually make it to work, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be rapidly approaching and I’m feeling good again. I’m amped to get some hardcore gymming in tonight, thanks to Belle’s post and soon not only will my body be more baby-ready, but it will be summer-ready as well! 😉


5 thoughts on “Only one thing can pull me out of my funk and that happens to be…

  1. Uggh, I so need to get back to the gym to get my body baby ready. I need some inspiration. Maybe I’ll start a little weightloss challenge via my blog…just thinking aloud 🙂 Also, whenever my girlfriends and I go to the movies together we totally sneak in mini bottles of wine. Makes it way more silly!

  2. Oh Magic Mike – I’m so ridiculously pumped for that movie, it could have absolutely no dialogue and I would probably be fine with it. I saw a funny thing floating around facebook the other day that was top 50 reasons you have to see Magic Mike, every reason was a picture with arrows pointing at abs, chests and general man goodness 😀

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