What I’ve learned after 11 failed cycles & 1 pregnancy loss

1. To be assertive (and demanding if need be) about getting answers and the best possible care

2. That even though my friends and family are so loving and supportive in most cases, think carefully before sharing anything about IF or PL

3. My reproductive (and digestive) system is my personal imbalance. Everyone has something – even the fertile-Myrtles – and this happens to be mine. (Acpuncturist’s life lesson #1)

4. Stress doesn’t help fertility, so decide what actually needs or deserve any worry or stress in my life and let go of the rest. (#2)

5. I will have a child in 5 years. No one knows how old or by what means, but I will have one and this is all part of my journey to get there. (#3)

6. Recurrent miscarriages seem to happen often, but they are the minority. In all likelihood it won’t happen to me again.

7. It’s not selfish or greedy of me to want a child. I have a very blessed life, and most of that has happened within the last 4 years, but wanting “more” is ok.

8. My IF journey and feelings may make other people uncomfortable, but it should not be kept hidden. (Now I would like to be brave enough to share about my loss.)

9. No matter how relieved we finally became to take a break this month, we both can’t not think about my cycle and maybe making a baby. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!? 😉

10. We need this community of support. Hubster and I wouldn’t be able to do this alone. No matter how close we’ve become, YOU all are the ones that get us through this. Whether it’s writing or reading the comments you leave, your support and cyber hugs are our biggest source of comfort.

And on that note, I leave you with this:

Big THANKS to Belle for sharing a great book about miscarriage. I bought it last night and can’t put it down. I have even read it on the elliptical tonight and my half hour flew by! It’s helping my healing and giving me hope.

8 thoughts on “What I’ve learned after 11 failed cycles & 1 pregnancy loss

  1. This is a really awesome list. Hope you don’t mind, but I might have to steal this idea sometime in the future and make my own list of lessons I’ve learned. I know we ALL could probably do that…and they’d all be different! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. How much do I love this list? THIS MUCH. Reading some of these items on your list gave me so much clarity (3,4,5,and 8 speak loud and clear to me today!) I’m with cassiedash: I may have to steal this idea.

    • Good! You can thank my uber intuitive discount acupuncturist for numbers 3-5. Well, number 4 was more me, but he very clearly told me that stress hurts fertility…the rest I figured out because of the ungrateful people in my life. 😉

      And like Cassie, I can’t wait to see your lost when you’re done with it! Xoxo Sunny!

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