And here I thought the IF rollercoaster was crazy, but it has nothing on the M/C one!!!

Omigawwww! Here’s a breakdown:

6/17/12: Holy S!!!  It’s a BFP!  Faint, but my FRER picked it up! 😀

6/18/12: Way more faint. Darn. 😦 

6/19/12: Found out my beta from previous day = 2.4 😦 😦

6/20/12: Dollar Tree tests show increasingly darker 2nd lines…WTH?! :/

6/21/12: CD1 😦 😦

6/25/12: CD5 and totally hopeful for a new cycle 😀 And then…SURPRISE!!  There’s an empty sac. Actually seeing the sac where a baby should be growing AND finding out we have sit this cycle out = 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

6/26/12: Acupuncture appt where I reveal the new info and immediately start “passing the tissue” after appt. 😦 to see the tissue leaving my body, but also 🙂 that it’s happening so soon and relieved to know my body is doing a great job doing what it’s supposed to do.

6/29/12: No more tissue being passed and it looks like I’m oozing fertile CM! 🙂 Late in the afternoon I start getting cramps and nausea. Uuugh. That happened right before I passed the bulk of tissue the other night. Hopefully I’m not getting ready to pass more. 😦 😦 😦

Really? REALLY?!?

TTFN. I can’t do this S anymore.




15 thoughts on “And here I thought the IF rollercoaster was crazy, but it has nothing on the M/C one!!!

  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Our bodies are so cruel sometimes. I’m hoping you get some rest tonight and am here if you need anything at all. xoxo

    • thanks! i may have some questions for you this weekend. and i have a little bit of house cleaning to do, then I’ll relax and sleep early. I think my mind/body could use some extra sleep.

      ps- i really love that book! thanks again for mentioning it!

  2. Such a roller coaster 😦 I’m sorry hunny, my best suggestion is wine. Maybe not the healthiest coping mechanism but it got me through the hardest times. I love you and am thinking of you, call if you need to talk. xoxo

  3. So sorry about this…House cleaning would be my idea of self-care lol scrub the s#$ out of the dishes and feel better after. I’m really sorry, but hoping you get better news soon! Hugs.

  4. TTC at all is a roller coaster – IF, MC and PL just add to the “thrill” as it were.
    I’ve read your last week’s worth of posts – would have gone further back but I have 254 unread in my RSS Feeds…
    I think you are handling the whole situation exactly as expected. Everyone always goes on and on about the sadness, loss, anger, resentment part of grieving; we tend to ignore that a person can be happy, hopeful, grateful in their grief. Obviously, we are not happy or grateful for the loss, but often the loss teaches us something – how strong our relationship with our partner is, that our uterus CAN support a pregnancy, etc – and that’s something that we can be hopeful about.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. Thanks for understanding. No matter how quick I was pregnant and then unpregnant for, this S is hard. But I’m happy for the things you mentioned. 🙂

      • I always feel like a weirdo when I say that my grief is manifesting as hope, love, gratitude…but I’m not going to say I’m miserable, resentful, angry all the time when I am not. My grief happens not to look like what TV and movies imply grief MUST be.

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