YAY! I had a fabulous experience today and I am so grateful. 1. NO D&C!!!  The sac passed on its own! 2. My doctor is awesome and checked things out while I was there.  My tubes are clear, my lining is perfect (apparently the thickness is not the only thing to worry about) and my […]


I’m anxious and emotional tonight. Tomorrow my miscarriage will be over. Finally.  But it’s still sad.  I don’t know what’s happened to me emotionally throughout this process, but I can’t face my emotions anymore.  I don’t talk about the D&C now, when I start getting sad I look for distractions and I didn’t even want […]

Blog Dump Day

Hi everyone!!! Thanks so very much for all of your support, understanding and encouragement. It’s so weird to me how going through infertility/miscarriage changes your life in every possible way. It makes you rethink your friendships/relationships with other people, changes you socially, tries to rip apart your relationship with your partner and takes you on a  constant […]

Quick Update

My baseline showed a freaking G-D sac.  So not only are we totally out for another month, but I have a D&C scheduled for next Monday. I know they are not that big of a deal, but the idea of having my doctor scrape the remnants of the would-be baby or placenta from my uterus […]

CD2 is upon me…

…and with that I have to make some decisions.  Well, really, it’s only one. Do I medicate this month or do I skip the meds for another month?  Or two? I can’t decide, I can’t decide!  I love feeling physically and mentally healthier from my month off of Clomid pills and HCG injections.  I have […]

Currently ____________ing:

I have been thinking over the last two days about what my next post should be. There’s nothing I want to write about this cycle right now…other than admit to POAS this morning and got a BFN, as expected. I was ok. I feel my period coming and this kind of confirmed that for me […]

I just hit a wall.

I’m freaking out. I’m stressing about trying not to freak out. I’m getting almost no work done at work today. I’m trying to only share a tiny bit about the symptoms I’m experiencing so adorable Hubster doesn’t get his hopes way up and then experience my anxiety. I’m fighting the temptation not to test tomorrow. At 6DPO, […]