CD12 update

Hi everyone!!  Sorry for being so absent the past couple of days but life has gotten very crazy! We spent all day cleaning our house on Saturday because we were approached by a home remodeling tv show at Lowe’s and they wanted to film a walk-through of our house the next day. It was craziest, most surreal and FUN experience ever. And then, I had the hugest shock of my life: the dad of one of my favorite kindergarteners at the before & after school day care I worked at ELEVEN years ago was the sound guy!!!! He recognized me and as soon as he asked if I had worked there, I totally remembered him! Man I really loved that kid and his parents. He was such a funny, quirky, loving child and his parents were awesome! So now we’re all FB buddies and get this, he still has this little drawing thing of his name I did on his wall. AND THE KID IS 17. No, I don’t think he’s a weirdo because supposedly he has a bunch of “teenage boy” stuff up too. It warms my heart and makes me feel a twinge of regret for deciding to go the social service route vs. teaching.

Anyway, after my exhausting weekend I started a whole week of answering our 800-line to make up for all of the absences (why didn’t I take this week off too?!? Oh, yeah saving up leave for a child I’m not even preggo with yet!) and the start of 2-4 weeks of working OT. 

On top of the fatigue, I got a short bike ride in this evening and have been faithfully logging my food and exercise into My Fitness Pal. Hubster might also download the app and get his weight loss on! 🙂 I’m only down 1lb this week, but it’s an accomplishment and I have to remember to be proud of it.

In other news, today is CD12 and I might be ovulating! Woohoo!!! I got a +OPK yesterday and today and we actually BDed spontaneously yesterday! So perfect timing. It was the first time I felt okay with it since the ridic events of my last cycle and the beginning of this one. I am still partially terrified of possibly getting a second line this month because holy terror of possibly living through that experience again, but I’m more excited about it happening. The only thing that’s killing me right now, is the nausea! WTH?!? Everyday I’ve been somewhat nauseous at some point. According to my coordinator at the clinic, it’s common with fluctuating hormones, but oh my it’s really uncomfortable. Anyone else deal with this??? Is it from miscarrying last month?! Whatever it is, I hate it. It feels like constant mild car sickness. 

I’m still reading Coming to Term: Uncovering the Truth About Miscarriage and the interesting thing is that the days I don’t read it are the days that I freak out the most about miscarrying again or not getting pregnant for 8 years! Knowledge is power, people.

Unfortunately I won’t be around much this month, but know I’m reading most of your posts (especially if you have a WordPress blog) and am supporting, celebrating grieving with and cheering all of you on – wherever you are in your journey. My commenting will be sporadic, but as soon as work calms down, I’ll be back. Darn. I’m not a fan of Arnold anymore, but can’t think of what to change that last sentence to! 😉


8 thoughts on “CD12 update

  1. You must have been approached by one of the DIY shows like Kitchen Crashers or Bath Crashers. That’s awesome! When do you find out if you have been selected for the show?

  2. So many great things happening! Reality TV, memories from the past, losing weight, OVULATING!! I hope you can find a way to focus on the positive and move forward with this cycle with a renewed sense of hope. xoxo

    • thanks sweetie. just when i needed things to be genuinely positive about, here they are! i am feeling a lot better and my hope has been restored. it’s a different kind though. the kind that reminds me i will get pregnant with a take-home baby one day. which is wonderful because that hope was fading fast.

  3. “we were approached by a home remodeling tv show at Lowe’s and they wanted to film a walk-through of our house the next day”
    Holy Cow! That’s so awesome and incredibly exciting! Isn’t this the perfect thing to distract you during your TWW? Keep us posted on both counts.

    • i really hope so too- thanks!!! if not, i’m inspired to work on our house some more soon. i re-watched your tiling video and i felt so lame! i definitely want to work on some projects soon. 🙂

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