Get ready for some crazy-talk…

No, I’m not referring to some scary, depressing hormone-induced crazy-talk I’m prone to today, but right this moment I’m okay. I started spotting last night, 12dpo, and for a moment I was sad that the last cycle was coming to an end. Poor Hubster hasn’t gotten much nooky in the last couple of months and talked me into SexyTime saying it would make me feel better. YEAH RIGHT! But it did. Connecting with him that way was exactly what I needed. It reminded me that we are in this journey together and while it has hurt our relationship at times, it has ultimately strengthened it. Oh and the most important thing I remembered is that one day we will see the fruit of our labor. LITERALLY. 😉 😉

I have accepted that this is our family-building journey.  And instead of being pissed off about it, I am grateful for it. I don’t know where that came from, but maybe it’s because the despair and “hitting bottom” didn’t work? I don’t know. All I know is today I welcome this journey and I know in my heart that one day I will have my baby.

5 thoughts on “Get ready for some crazy-talk…

  1. What a great place to be! I think accepting this crazy, heart wrenching, exhausting experience is the best thing you can do. We can’t change it but we can come to terms with it and try to learn what we can through it about ourselves, our spouses and life in general. I want to believe that at the end of this we will all in some way, in some form end up with the family we so desire though it may look different then we first thought. Also so glad you were able to get in some good sexy time with your husband!!!! That can such a tough one to desire amd make happen!

  2. I love you, this post is amazing. I don’t know that I ever got to this place before finally getting my BFP, maybe just had brief moments of feeling this way but then despair would take over again. But being in the place I’m at now, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the journey that led us here. It does make relationships stronger…. if they survive it. I think it will make us all much better parents because of how hard we worked for it, we’ll never take parenthood for granted and I’d never exchange that for a “whoopies, we’re pregnant” xoxo

  3. I love reading this! It gives me hope. I am still not to this point and don’t know how to get there. Can I also say I’m proud of you for embarking on sexy time even when not necessarily feeling it? I never feel it these day and rather than just soldier on, I completely abstain. This alone is taking a toll on our relationship. Maybe I’ll suck it up this evening and pull out some non plaid pajamas 🙂

  4. My husband and I did the same exact thing this weekend and it was the best decision I ever made. Sex when I’m not ovulating has been hard to come by these days, but not any longer :)I’m glad you are feeling hopeful, it makes me happy to see 🙂

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