Sad and using cleaning (WHAAAAT) and Pinterest (doi!) as distractions

Luckily my husband is getting better about weekend chores and knowing I need a clean house for my peace of mind. While I was in LA for the weekend, he lovingly cleaned most of the house and did all of the laundry. All I have to do now is put away the laundry (the worst part, but surprisingly it’s the most satisfying to me!), vacuum and give the bathroom counters a quick wipe down. And I’m glad to do it because I’m sad.

A good friend of mine that I knew throughout my childhood reconnected with me after I came out on FB. She and her husband were surprised a couple of years ago with secondary infertility. She lives several hours away so when she came up here recently to have her first lap done, we immediately went to lunch and spent a couple of hours catching up on the 10+ years it’s been since we had last seen each other. Well, a couple of days later I got the news that her lap was cancelled because she was pregnant!!!! I was so thrilled for her, but also nervous. She was worried about the pregnancy and even though I tried to be positive, I could tell she had “THAT FEELING.” Unfortunately, it turns out her pregnancy is ectoppic and she’ll have it removed along with her lap tomorrow. Please send some prayers her way. I know this is devastating to her, her husband and her son (who prays daily for a sibling). And, of course, my heart breaks for her, for me and for all of us. This shit just isn’t fair.

Since I know I’m close to spiraling downward soon, I’ve decided to distract myself with a Pinterest Challenge. I don’t know how this idea hasn’t hit me sooner…maybe it was becuase I always had tv or book marathons to distract me before? Well not now. And I have a couple of items “pinned” that will be VERY easy and useful, but I still have yet to start. I planned to do one or both this weekend and thought I might be able to use some accountability. So I thought I’d propose a “challenge” since Jenn’s WLC is helping me so much. I would like to start with one or two projects/ideas a month. It could be one of my homemade beauty secrets, a cute craft, a new workout, putting together one of the outfits I’m salivating for, etc. Anyone interested in joining me? If not, I will just post what I’ve come up with each month.Β 

Told you my next post would have something positive! BOOYAH! In your face stooopid Infertility! πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Sad and using cleaning (WHAAAAT) and Pinterest (doi!) as distractions

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend’s ectopic. 😦

    Count me in for the Pinterest Challenge! I am a huge Pinterest fan but I haven’t gotten around to making anything in a long time. And it sounds like a nice distraction.

  2. Thats just horrible for your friend…Ill keep her in my thoughts.

    Hmm…have NO IDEA how Pinterest works but been looking into doing something to keep my mind busy so always keen to learn something new…

  3. Thinking of your friend..I am also interested in this challenge because i am lazy and projects make me feel better. However, I have no idea what I’m doing on pinterest so I would need some help!

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