The Lazy Pinner’s Challenge

Wahooo!  I’m so excited some of you would like to join me in my Pinterest challenge!  Since I (like every single one of you) have so much going on in my life in addition to battling Infertility, I would like to start out nice and easy.  The thought of organizing a super complex challenge is overwhelming to me right now so pardon my desire for simplicity.  The main reason I suggested a “challenge” is to hold myself accountable for my personal Pinterest goal.  I thought we could start by actually completing some of the projects/ideas we like and then we can turn this into some sort of competition, if you would like.  I’m fine with this just being a personal challenge and not a competition (mostly because I’m new to DIYing and not a terribly creative person naturally), but if you feel like a competition will help you rev your DIY-drive up, I am totally ok with that.  I was thinking that after 3 months we can reassess. Sound ok?

Alright, here’s how I think my Lazy Pinner’s Challenge will work:

  • Each Tuesday I will post a category
  • Spend some time over the next two days finding and deciding on the Pin you’d like to complete
  • Thursday morning send me an inspiration picture or the Pin you will create.
  • Spend the next week prepping for & completing Pin
  • Please tweak your project (if possible) to add your own personal touch
  • The following Thursday morning send me a picture of your completed Pinterest project
  • After 3 months I will send each of you a prize for completing 3 projects and we will decide if/how we want to continue.

Now here’s the thing.  I would like to start this tomorrow, if possible, and since it’s so last minute this month will be a free-for-all.  That means sending me your inspiration picture tomorrow and completing your first project by next Thursday, 8/23.  If that’s too soon, we can start next month. Just let me know your preference ASAP! My next two weekends are booked solid and there has been no change with my great-grandma, which means this is most likely my only “free” weekend. Haha, I’ll explain in another post what “free” actually means! 😉


11 thoughts on “The Lazy Pinner’s Challenge

  1. Heck yes, love this idea!! I only wish we started last week since I did TWO pins and was feeling so proud of myself. So if we’re starting this week, do you have a category or is it just anything for the first time?

    • just do anything for the first time! you inspired me to get my ass moving on projects when i helped with your shed and drive home exhausted while you kept going!! i hope i get this motivated when i get pregnant! (like that positive thinking there? :))

      • Excellent positive thinking, it IS going to happen for you and soon. I’m just sure of it and I’ll open a can of whoop ass on the universe if it doesn’t!

        I’m glad my chaos could inspire you though! Unfortunately my turbo is totally slowing down…. and yet I still have so much to do! Ah!

  2. OK ok… Peer pressure applied. I will try your challenge… We will see how it goes… Starting with the fruit snacks because.. Well let’s face it… It was cheap and easy.. Minimal commitment. Looking at the other ideas that I am interested in, there is going to be plenty of commitment down the line. I did them this evening. I’ve got pictures to prove it even ;). We will see how thu turn out. If they are relatively decent, I will subject you to the taste test.

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