Scratch that!

I was just working on a post about time. About how quickly it passes, but how lucky I am to live such a full life. Even though I don’t have babies yet.

Then I found out about a half hour ago that my great-grandmother passed away.

I’m ok because I know she lived a very full life and was ready to go. I’m sad for me and all of the things I will miss, but I’m glad she is in a better place now instead of being hooked up to machines.

Even though infertility and loss are ridiculously painful and stressful journeys, please remember the good parts of your lives tonight. All of you are “doers” that inspire me everyday and I’m thankful for your inspiration to make me want to do more. Whether it’s crafty things, running or actually making it into and occasionally busting my ass at work, thanks for inspiring me to stop wishing and start doing.


8 thoughts on “Scratch that!

  1. So sorry about your great grandmother, and thanks for your reminder that we DO have good things in our lives, even while living with infertility.

  2. So sorry to hear about the great-grandmother. I promise you that in honor of her, I will remember that I DO have great things in my life–including life itself 🙂 xoxo lady!

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