LPC #1 Results

Hi Blogland. Sorry I’ve been so absent, but holy crap my life won’t slow down. We are remodeling our master bedroom (FINALLY!!!) and landscaping part of our backyard (the section right outside our bedroom) this weekend. Tomorrow morning we start. So this week has been filled with lots of calls with the contractor and trying to get the rest of our house ready to accommodate our current bedroom furniture and decor. Also, we had my 5 year old nephew for the weekend last weekend so all I had time to do was shop for materials. Since my kitchen is purple/green/yellow, I knew I wanted some type of green & yellow background with purple writing.  Lucky for me, I found this cute contact paper (how easy is that?!) and worked on finding the right shade of purple for the words. I spent my breaks at work working on my chore lists…designing, redesigning and designing some more until I was at least satisfied.  There’s some tweaking I want to (for example,  I need to make the pages longer and the words bigger), but for now this will work.

My household chore chart:


And here are YOUR projects:

Izzy’s Pumpkin Donuts morphed into pumpkin muffins (that I will be making for a fall bake sale because they look & sound soooo YUM!)


Jenn finished one pillow and will finish the other next weekend. I decided to get a sewing machine now because the furbabies ate our throw pillows over a year ago and I can’t find any that I like!


Danielle made these pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies (that I will have to make for that same fall bake sale next month!):


Belle had a rough time with the extra hormones she’s on right now and the sewing didn’t work out.  Totally understandable since I can barely get motivated to get my butt to work on mini hormones (Clomid)! I hope to see you skirt soon! 🙂

Thanks for participating everyone and I’ll post next month’s project category soon. I’m thinking of posting the category during the first week of the month and the project will be due the last Thursday of the month. Sound ok?

5 thoughts on “LPC #1 Results

  1. I need a chore list… but then I would just be sad that I never did the chores on the list. So scratch that. I’ll go back to pretending chores don’t exist 🙂 Izzy, need that recipe! And Jenn, where are your lamps from? I’m having lighting envy… My skirt is a mess right now. Luckily I always buy at least one extra yard of fabric so maybe I can fix things…

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