LPC extension

Omg people! I have been one week behind ALL month! You have until next week to get your project photos to me. Also, next months category will be “organization.” It can be a closet, pantry, makeup, ticket stubs, etc. So next week send me the pics of your completed projects and your inspiration for your […]

Anxiety is dissipating again…

Phew!  After a meltdown last night that included a lot of screaming and tunafish to Hubster’s face because he tried to lecture me about all the peeing on sticks I wanted to do (kept using the word “unreasonable”), I am feeling much better today. So if I might take a moment to vent about using the […]


Ok, the anxiety is back. It’s been creeping in since Tuesday (6 dpo) when I got crampy. The cramps have disappeared after that day and of course I keep having to push thoughts of implantation out of my head. Then today my testing-out-the-trigger HPT was as dark as yesterday’s. Which is the first day the […]

Delusional Optimism vs. Actual Faith

I don’t know why, but I feel really great about this cycle. Remember how I felt sure that I would indeed have children one day? Well, that could mean any number of ways right? But I really feel like this is our cycle and that’s why everything worked out perfectly (for the first time ever) this […]

WLC #13

WOW!!!  Everyone has done a great job this week! Here are the results:   Week 1 (6/25/12) Week 12 (9/14/12) Week 13 (9/21/12) % Lost Stork Chaser 151 147.6 143 -5.30 Jenn 136 133.5 134 -1.47 Sunny 126.5 131.2 127.4 +0.90 Annabelle 127.4 126.6 126 -1.10 Em 180 (7/23) 173 171 -5.00 My crazy ass […]


I was really anxious going to the appointment today. I mean, I didn’t feel like I had giant follies ready for me to to trigger and my lining seemed really thin at my baseline. Luckily, Hubster reminded me to bring my socks! Boy did having these put me more at ease! I mean, how freaking […]

My week in review

This has been the busiest week of my life! I began by potting 5 plants I bought Monday after work and then beginning my prep for baking apple pie pops and caramel apple bites for a bake sale at work. Then Tuesday night I was up late with all of the baking. But it they […]