And the whirlwind continues…

So I explained the craziness that has been my life and how it’s great that I’ll have a teeny bit of down time in my last (real) post…well, my friends, I spoke too soon. Late Tuesday afternoon (almost 4pm) I got a voicemail offering me an interview for a position I recently applied for. I was in shock. I mean, job hunting is hard everywhere right now and CA is no exception. This was maaaaybe the 5th or 6th (at most) I’ve sent out in 15 months and I actually got an interview. Not only that, but the application deadline was 9 days ago. AND my interview is TOMORROW MORNING! Oh, did I mention it is is my old field? My specialty? Well it is. It’s actually with an agency I learned about from my time as a Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate. But do you want to know how long ago I have worked in social services? Oh about a good 6 years. So I basically have to prep for my hour-long oral/written interview tonight!  But I’ve been gathering my resume/references/annual reviews and studying the new position’s job duty statement since yesterday so I feel okay now. I will know my shit when I step into that interview room, blow them away with my friendly/upbeat attitude, ignite their fire with my passion and enthusiasm and they will love me when I’m through. Will they offer me a position? Who knows? Will I choose to accept if they do, I have no idea yet. I have to just focus on getting through my interview and if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. If not, that’s ok. This isn’t for a promotion – just a lateral – so I think I’ll be ok if I don’t receive an offer. But I.AM.SO.EXCITED.ABOUT.THIS.OPPORTUNITY.

And I’m excited about getting back to acupuncture. I had a great session last night and for first time I actually felt my energies moving throughout my body! I was invigorated and pretty much on Cloud 9 all night. I even cut my hair! Yep, I now have short hair. Pics to come…

I am also excited about…

hold on to your stirrup socks…


As soon as this spotting turns into the real deal, I schedule my baseline and (fingers crossed) leave that U/S with my handy dandy Clomid Rx. I feel good, people. I feel positive. I feel like THIS.IS.IT. And I’m praying it is, because I don’t want to go through much more heartache. It doesn’t have to be THIS cycle, but d@amn it has to happen soon. Or the tease of a pregnancy I had will be even more cruel.

We have an appointment on Monday to map out a new plan and in my head it goes like this:

  • 4 months of Clomid+HCG+timed intercourse+softcups
  • 2 months no Clomid+HCG+timed intercourse+softcups
  • Probably 1-3 months break
  • Begin IUI

Will this be the plan Hubster, Dr. Re and I decide on?! I dunno.  But I don’t really care right now. Right now I’m just excited.

And I’m so glad to have you. I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far with only my IRL support network, as amazing as it is, to help. Your encouragement, understanding, love and HUMOR make this journey possible. I brag about you all so often and am so happy when I’m able to share you with new bloggers. Hubster is grateful to you all as well. So from this infertile couple, THANK YOU.

And now, back to homework interview prepping I go!

PS- I’ll post the Pinterest projects tomorrow!!!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “And the whirlwind continues…

  1. You sound so happy and that makes me happy! I’m sure your interview is over by now and I’m also sure your rocked it! Can’t wait to hear how it went 🙂 xoxo

  2. Love the positivity radiating from this post! I hope your interview goes well and that you get the job! We can hop back on the TTC wagon together, maybe some of you positivity will rub off on me 😉

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