LPC #2 & The WLC Continues!

Sorry for the delay, but the impending arrival of CD1 kicked my butt! But I’m happy to report that it is finally here (I was becoming increasingly concerned I would need meds to start my cycle this month) and tomorrow is our planning meeting with our RE. 🙂

On to the LPC!!!

Jen, from My Bum Ovaries is joining us! She wrote:

I had pinned it a long time ago (45 weeks!) and completely forgot about it. I’m debating on doing a picture from our wedding or from our trip to Spain last year. I LOVE the idea of doing it in Black and White. I feel like this is the kind of project that could go really really well or end in complete and total failure. I will surely let you know! I’m pumped about this!

Here is her project:



Jenn, from The Future Fords, wrote:

I have been waiting for the motivation to make this project! I haven’t decided where I am going to hang it yet, so I don’t know what colors I will use, but it will be awesome….hopefully. I have a bad habit of rushing through things and then being mad when they turn out crappy. My plan is to definitely take my time with this.

Here is her project:

Pinned Image



Danielle, from Catching Our Rainbow, wrote:

I was very close to my grandfather, and he was a master carpenter. I have a beautiful wooden vase that he made sitting empty in our hallway because fake flowers just seem to cheapen it. I thought these flowers would be perfect for it–combining my grandfather’s talent with my love for reading :o)

Here is her project:

I have some cute vases in the house and I hate to leave them empty, but I'm not a big fan of fake flowers. These would be perfect.

And here is what I’m doing:

since I'm not yet a quilter, I think I'll try this with scrapbook paper.

Since I’m not yet quilting, I’m going to do this with scrapbook paper and frame them in simple frames. My goal is to do two of them- one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas- we’ll see how it goes!

The final pictures are due 9/27/12. I can’t wait to see everyone’s works of art! 🙂

Now for the WLC. Jenn has been wonderful enough to host a Weight Loss Challenge for us for the last 9(?) weeks and did a wonderful job with it. I really need this to keep going so I’m taking it on…for now. 😉

I know it’s really short notice to start our weigh-ins tomorrow so how about a Friday morning weigh-in? I know I personally slack off the workouts and eat more garbage on the weekends so I would prefer Friday morning weigh-ins, but this not my own personal challenge. So if you’re interested in continuing/starting the WLC, please comment with the following:

  • weigh-in day preference (Monday or Friday)
  • start with new pics/bios/weights or copy them from Jenn’s blog
  • how many weeks you would like this to continue (4/6/9)
  • If you are new:
    • Email me your “before” photo(s). I will be posting these on my blog, so feel free to crop out your head if  you would like. Ideally I would like to have a front and a side photo.
    • Email me a link to your blog with a little blurb about who you are, your 5-week goal, and why you are participating. If you do not want me to link back to your blog or to use your name, mention that in the the email.
    • If there is any part of this (photo, blog link, blurb) that you wish to not include, that is fine. Just email me with a pseudonym. The only part that is required is weekly weigh-ins.
  • I will send reminder emails the night before and the morning of our weigh-ins

My email is dogmomchasingthestork@gmail.com. Feel free to email me for my username on MyFitnessPal if you want to join me on there or shoot me an email if you have any questions/comments/suggestions for either the LPC or WLC.

Thanks and happy Pinning and Losing!!!!

6 thoughts on “LPC #2 & The WLC Continues!

  1. I’m in for all of it! Weighing on in Fridays sounds good to me and I think either 6 or 9 weeks would be ideal. But I’m up for whatever. Thanks SO MUCH for taking over this challenge!

  2. I’m back in with all you lovely ladies. Let’s see if this Elimination Diet and marathon training will help me lose even one pound this time. Stupid metabolism!

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