CD3 and an update after our appt with Dr. RE

I am fully bloated and still under my starting weight from 9 weeks ago – this is a first, people. I am still working hard at keeping my weight down because I know that as I near the big O (haha! No, not thatย “O”!), I have to scale back my workouts and my cravings during the 2ww are not nutritious at all. So it’s time to add some buffer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now on to the good stuff! NO SAC!!! Yay! Another normal ultrasound! I can’t begin to explain how wonderfully relieving it is to see thin lining and two ovaries on the monitor. And that’s all!!! Oh, but it’s not really. I have one dominant follie at 12.5mm and two under 9 on my right ovary and a couple under 9 on my left. For some reason my RE has a hard time finding my left one sometimes and today he had me push down on my side to find it. Is that weird?!?

Technically this is our 3rd cycle with him and we really got pregnant in one cycle. Why didn’t I go to him 14 months ago instead of the OB/Gyn “specializing in infertility”?!? Our first cycle with this doctor, we were travelling during O-time (his nephew had just been born and it was the only time we could both take off from work to visit him before he turned 1-month) so there wasn’t really any SexyTime happening. The month after (this is when I actually Oed during the LMFAO show I was so stoked about!) is when we got pregnant. So Dr. RE, Hubster and myself are uber excited and hopeful about the coming cycles. I’m really hoping it’s this month, but I’ll totally settle for next month since I have a couple of appointments I’d like to not be pregnant for the first week of October!

So we didn’t actually set a plan today, but we told the doctor we’re not interested in IUI in the near future and he agreed. So we left with my Clomid Rx in hand and I went home to get the 5 new plants I bought yesterday potted and made the filling for the apple pie pops I will be baking for a bake sale on Wednesday.

This was a crazy busy day and now it’s nice relaxing on my new patio of our maser bedroom. We get a gentle cool breeze in the evenings here and even though I’m 7 miles away from downtown, we also have a blanket of stars across the sky. I’m perfectly happy, at peace, level headed and relaxed. This may be last time I feel this way for a long time so I’m trying to soak it all in.

8 thoughts on “CD3 and an update after our appt with Dr. RE

  1. hi! for the left ovary, (tmi alert) it’s because your bowels are on that side. totally normal. it can be easier or harder to view based on how “full” you are ๐Ÿ™‚ or it can happen all the time just because of how your bowels lay. i wondered the same thing and asked! haha

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