My week in review

This has been the busiest week of my life! I began by potting 5 plants I bought Monday after work and then beginning my prep for baking apple pie pops and caramel apple bites for a bake sale at work. Then Tuesday night I was up late with all of the baking. But it they turned out well and we earned over $350 for our Holiday Party!

Here’s how it looked (with pics of my contributions):






Meanwhile, I started back on 50mg Clomid (cd5-9) and I’m feeling fine. I’ve been really paying attention to my diet and working out a lot because I know come trigger time and then my 2ww, I will be bloated and heavy and all-around feeling yucky. Also, I have started a Seven-Day-Diet that seems manageable. Totally sucks to do it, but I’m trying to remind myself that it’s only for one week and starting the Bloat phase of my cycle at a lower weight will make this week’s sacrifices worth it, right?!? I mean, just look at the picture for the diet’s pin.


Umm yeah. Totally worth it. And here’s where you can find the diet:

I also have been dyyyying to run, but I haven’t had time. Finally, I got to the gym for a short workout yesterday before Hubster took me to a dinner benefiting our local animal shelter. I love him. His heart is so big. Anyway, I’m utterly smitten at the moment so if I don’t stop talking to him, I’ll never get through this uber long post! Back to my workout! I did an interval program that was amazing. I think I’ll even try to up the speeds tomorrow. Here’s what I was going to do before I looked up the pace equivalents online (I never run on treadmills):


(The beginner workout is at the end of this post)

Once I realized my normal pace is about 6.6, I decided there would be no walking for me! So all of the 3.5’s turned into 5.5. And, boy, it felt so great to finish! That shit was hard! But tomorrow I think I want to try increasing all speeds by 0.2 since I’ll likely trigger tomorrow or Tuesday and then benched for two weeks. I k now walking is great exercise,  but I love really pushing my body these days and knowing that I have to take it easy to protect my ovaries makes me sad. Do you think rollerblading is ok?!

Being a little overweight and looking for motivation to lose is tough. Yes, being healthy to make a baby is a huge one. But I’m not obese so that doesn’t really get my fire going. However, being sexy for my husband (especially during very unsexy circumstances) is really motivating. And, finally, the biggest thing that has helped lately is the fact that I take my able-body for granted. I am healthy. Unbelievably healthy. And unbelievably able-bodied. So instead of taking my perfectly working legs for granted, I should use them. And put the rest of my able-body to work! This epiphany came to me while I was losing steam on a 4-mile run and really helped. So pushing my body now leads to this euphoria I’ve never experienced. And now that I’ve found it, I’m going to lose it. Because all I can do is walk. Fml

Getting high off working out is not the only odd feeling I’ve experienced lately. I am also oddly confident and optimistic about getting pregnant. I just know it’s going to happen. Maybe not this month, but soon. And this scares the absolute crap out of me! I am terrified of getting pregnant again, but I also feel like with my next BFP I’ll have my take-home baby. And if it doesn’t end in early miscarriage, I can’t imagine ever feeling confident that our baby will be born healthy, or at all. Ugh. I wish I could just find comfort in my newfound confidence in my body instead of letting it fill me with anxiety.

And speaking of anxiety, still no word from my interview. They said they would contact all the candidates on Monday to tell us either way, but I was secretly hoping for a phone call last week offering me the job! And finding out in 10 days is crazy fast, so I really can’t complain. But I want it so bad.

This week we also had two celebrations to send a longtime coworker off to her new job. It was sad. And a lot of work! Two of us planned a lunch, gift and fake raffle game for her luncheon and then we had a dessert bar the following day. This woman has a sweet tooth even bigger than mine!  But even though we’re losing an amazing employee, this job will be a good move for her so I’m glad. No joke, I will seriously be in tears if I get this job. Saying goodbye to one person was hard, so I can’t imagine saying goodbye to all 20+!

And today I went to Izzy’s baby shower! I was a little nervous and reminded myself of the Bitter Infertiles’ tips, but not one of them was needed. The shower was simply pleasant and everyone just adored her so much, there was no way for me to feel bitter. I think her being an IF Sister also helped keep the bitterness at bay. I was just so happy for her and to be part of her celebration.

Also, at long last I can shamelessly announce:

Yep, I got my sexyback!!! Woot! Hubster and I can’t keep our hands off of each other again and…wait for it…I feel sexy! I feel like a WOMAN! I haven’t felt like this since last August. It’s been over a year. How sad is that?!? I don’t know how long this feeling will last, but man! Am I glad it came in time for babymaking!!

And finally, I think I’m going to try pineapple core. I want to start today, but I’m not sure how? I mean, it seems really unpleasant to just munch on the stuff, so please tell me there’s a secret to making it better! Thanks!!

*Here’s a beginner workout if you don’t run ever:

10 thoughts on “My week in review

  1. I actually really like the taste of pineapple core–go figure! I’m so excited that you got your sexy back!! I totally understand about losing it…I, too, have not felt sexy for about one year. I really want to feel those “can’t keep my hands off you” feelings again, and hopefully once I start ovulating again, it will happen…I’m almost through with my 100mg of Clomid, so we’ll see if that does the trick. Oh, and I’m totally stealing your treadmill workout, btw 🙂

  2. I was wondering about your interview! Ugh, waiting to hear back from job interviews is almost as bad as the TWW (depending on how bad you want/need the job). KMFX for you!

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