Manly Monday & A Weird Glimpse Into Our Marriage

Ok, Infertility Blogosphere, welcome to my first ever Manly Monday and A Glimpse Into Our Weird Marriage post!  This is where I get to dish the crazy stuff about my dear and wonderful Hubster and confess the oddness we call “marriage.” Thanks, Stupid Stork for thinking of this!

The man I refer to as “Hubster,” is honestly the best, sweetest, most caring and WEIRD man I know. Here are some examples:

  • He loves fried chicken and insisted on having a Fried chicken-themed bday party this year.
  • At said party he got completely wasted and proceeded to fall on his head several times as he attempted to complete a handstand pushup
  • Speaking of pushups, he regularly does one-armed pushups as his favorite drunken party trick.
  • My husband rarely works out so why he is all about the pushups when he’s drunk and won’t do them sober is completely beyond me
  • He loves to sing. But isn’t that great at it. He especially loves falsetto, but doesn’t always achieve it. But he sings with such passion, I do have to give him props!
  • He is crazy shy and awkward. This is worse on the telephone. Especially VM! The man will leave a 2-minute VM when a 6-second one would suffice. Probably because 1-minute of it is him clearing his throat lmao! This part of him is only known to people who don’t know him and until I started working with him, his coworkers. Imagine knowing a man who is all-business, but socially awkward and then hearing his gf talk about all of the aforementioned examples. His coworkers were sooo confused until I broke him out of his shell. Now he is admired and loved by everyone at work almost as much as he is by me!

That’s all for now…but there’s more to come next week. 🙂

Now for a glimpse into our very strange union.

  • Until recently, we would bump & grind like crazy at every club, wedding and house party we went to. All of a sudden I have shame and get very embarrassed by it. Hubster doesn’t get it and still furiously humps my leg, but whatevs.
  • We also, until we started down this IF journey, snuck off to find places to make woopie everywhere. In our car at friends’ houses, behind trees while tailgating, the side of the road going don to SoCal, etc.
  • Speaking of roadtrips, Hubster cannot stay awake while driving for more than 20 mins. My solution? Roadhead. Yes, I do perform this any time we travel alone.
  • Also, to help him keep driving, I have many times held a large cup under his weenie so he could pee and drive.

Wow. Was any of that TMI?!? lol!

Again, I hope I have left you thirsting for wanting more and haven’t disgusted you by the strange examples of just how weird our little marriage really is!  And I hope I have left you with more chuckles than groans.

15 thoughts on “Manly Monday & A Weird Glimpse Into Our Marriage

  1. Love this! And I especially appreciated the last one because my husband won’t even pee in front of me at home! Like, ever. He’s the most modest man I’ve ever met. And I think it’s weird! Thanks for introducing us to your man!

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  3. Umm, I’m a little bit in love with a fried chicken eating man who sings in falsetto. A wee bit in love I tell you!

    I have never performed road head! NEVER! Car has always been pulled over. What the mother eff am I doing with my life.

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