Alright CD1 today. This one marks 13 months since my first Clomid pill. 7 cycles medicated, 6 cycles on break and 1 pregnancy and miscarriage. Also, this is the beginning of the holiday season. I’m feeling pretty down this time…I’m still hopeful, just really sad. A few hours later…. I’m having a hard time believing […]

October 25-26

October 25 – October 26 – What don’t I like to do alone?! Lol I much rather read, watch girly shows/movies, talk on the phone and hang out at home alone. My husband loves to bother me when I’m doing any of the above so when he’s out if the house without me (rare) I’m […]

Writing Prompt Time

Boy I’m just hogging the Blogosphere today, aren’t I?!? So sorry to pop up in your emails and readers yet again today, but HERE I AM! 🙂 October 23: What are you most envious of? Really, Jenn, really?!? Alright, you asked for it…so here it comes…I am most envious of ALL THE MILLIONS OF FERTILE WOMEN SURROUNDING […]

Update on my crazy life…again

Lately Hubster has been getting terrible headaches (probably stress-related) so now he’s getting tested. He had an MRI last night, had to stay up all night and is getting his sleep-deprived EEG done right now. He’s about halfway in for this 1.5 hr procedure. My husband is more of a hypochondriac than me and is […]

Another VLOG!!!

Finally I am gracing your computer screens with my newest vlog. Stupid Stork, you are the best for putting together this challenge. 🙂 So so sorry for the delay, as well as the multiple videos AND that it’s still 20 mins long! WTH!!! Also, the singing was terrible. I’m not that bad, but man this […]