October 2 – His Proposal

October 2: How did you husband/spouse/partner propose?

It was magical and exciting, even though it was expected. Hubster and I moved in together 7 days before our first dating anniversary. After we lived together for about a year, we had a blackout in the neighborhood. So we lit some candles and hopped into the tub for romantic blackout time. That’s where he shared with me that if weren’t able to have kids in the future, he would like to adopt. This was a HUGE relief because we both have aunts (mine is an in-law) who were never able to have children and never adopted and I at least wanted that option. So we were all lovey-dovey about making kids or adopting one day. Then he also proclaimed his desire to marry me and be with me for the rest our lives. We always knew we probably wanted to get married and pretty much planned on it, but this was his first declaration of his intent. So we proceeded to spend the next several months discussing our dream wedding and then semi-planning. But no actual proposal had taken place.

So every special holiday or event I hoped and waited and still nothing.  Finally, we planned to spend Valentine’s Day weekend in this coastal town about 4 hrs north of us and I just KNEW this would be the time for my long-awaited (7 months!!) proposal.

Since were bringing the dogs along this time (we spend Valentine’s Day there every other year) we had to plan the car ride well.  Yes, our dogs get car sick.  So we decided to make a slight detour and stop at their favorite off-leash park along the way. It’s over 20 acres and right on the bay. And we decided it would be a good opportunity for us to stretch our legs a bit. As we got off the freeway we noticed it was lunchtime so we pulled into Costco for hot dogs. Since we had the dogs with us, we decided just to eat in the parking lot on a curb next to the car. As were eating, Hubster took a deep breath and dropped down to one knee. Then he looked up at me and said,

“JUST KIDDING!!!” I almost died. I was cracking up sooooo hard and a little relieved my proposal story wasn’t what just happened lol! Ever the comedian he is, he mentions how funny our proposal story will be now. Sigh.  That guy.

Anyway, we laugh some more, finish our hot dogs and head off the the park. We do our lap, but I notice he’s acting funny so I’m thinking he’s gonna propose there. I was excited by the thought because it really is a special place for us and would be different. But, nope! So off we head to the rental house.

As we get to the windy road leading to the town we’re visiting, it started getting late. Hubster started driving faster and I was getting upset because the dogs were about ready to hurl. I couldn’t understand why he chose the windiest part of the drive to speed up so we started bickering about the speed he was driving. We finally arrived at the rental house (after both dogs puked in the car) and it was wonderful!


I ran around taking pictures while Hubster unloaded the car and rushed me out of the house so we could get to the beach before it got dark. Oh, I knew what was coming! So off to the beach we went.


We walked and walked in and out of the weeds


and finally Hubster found the perfect spot to “watch the sunset.”


So we watched for a little bit before he dropped to one knee. I have no idea what he said because all I could do was look at what my perfect ring and cry because I was so happy!

3 weeks later we ran off to Hawaii and eloped. 🙂

ps- He was acting squirrely at the dog park because he was trying to do some more “fakeouts” but people always came by and he didn’t want them to see and think he was a jerk. What a jerk lol!!!

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