Another Writing Prompt Catch Up and cycle update

October 12: If you could change on thing about your personality, what would it be and why.

My laziness.

I wish I wasn’t so lazy so I would accomplish more things and be better. I’m too lazy to plan & cook meals, clean the house nightly, finish small house projects (my bathroom still has wallpaper paste up and nothing else after 3 1/2 years!) and workout regularly.

But I’m working on it this week.

October 13: What is the one thing you like best about yourself?

My heart.

I love and care for people. I advocate for those who have not found their voice. And I help others as much as I possibly can. I think this is my best quality and I’m proud to have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

October 14: What is the greatest compliment you ever received?

Oh lordy, I don’t know. I get a lot of them and they all mean a lot to me. Maybe the ones from my friends and family who have told me how I deserve to be a mom more than anyone else they know and that I was “made to be a mom,” and my children will be lucky to have me? Those are the ones I hold tightest to. Oh and when my husband tells me that I’m a great wife. I don’t always feel like one lately…
October 15: If you could go back in time, what decade would you choose to live in?

EEEK!!!! ย This is a hard one! ย Maybe the 20’s because life was fun for the middle class? Or the 60’s because of all of the civil rights movements? Or the 70’s because that’s when life was all about sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll???ย Or the 2000’s. Life was just getting better for the middle class and women. Before it all went to shit.

I’ve learned every decade has it’s ups and downs and very few were actually good for women. Don’t get me started on how terrible the “Golden Age” (50’s) was for women! I was going to say now, but it’s scary how women are again being attacked politically. I never thought things would get worse for us again, but they are.

Cycle update:

I’ve had a lot of time to digest and start researching the info I recvd at my last appointment and I’m feeling ok. I’m still terrified babymaking will come down to IVF, but I’m focusing on the positive results DHEA can give. Most women over 38 respond well to it so that should my 31 (32 in December!) year old eggs get going. I have a call into my doctor’s coordinator to find out about doing the CD3 FSH blood test when my baseline is done. I also haven’t recorded the counts from past ultrasounds so I’ll ask for those number when the coordinator calls me back. Luckily I have most of my mid-cycle counts on here! And since this past month I had a lot less follicles present, I’m a little concerned. But like I said before, I’m focusing on how helpful DHEA can be.

5 thoughts on “Another Writing Prompt Catch Up and cycle update

  1. Having a lovely heart filled with warmth is a great attribute ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish I could be more motivated, too. I re-covered my diningroom chairs this weekend, something I had been meaning to do for, oh, three years. And it felt good! Really, really good which got me to thinking about all the other stuff I mean to get to but don’t….. So I can totally relate ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m a big fan of your heart, a big fan.

    Oh lawdy don’t get me started on how things are sounding like the 50s lately.. I mean, I’m sure the 50s were a rocking good time.. IF YOU WERE A STRAIGHT WHITE MALE.

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