Another long catch up and NO vlog…yet! ;)

Ok so I really must catch up on Jenn’s prompts and then when I get home tonight I promise to record and post my vlog. It has been SO much fun watching everyone else’s!!!!!  Thanks Stupid Stork! I love this!!!!!

Ok, back to the prompts:

October 18: Make an acrostic of your first name (or pseudonym) using each letter to describe yourself.










Eager (beaver! HA!)


October 19: What is your favorite quote?

I’m a total quote junky, but this one is the one that I actually live daily and really resonates with me most:

“No matter what hapens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

~Taylor Swift

October 20: Tell us a little something about your grandmother.

She’s complicated. She’s an older Chinese woman who had her marriage arranged to a much older man. She moved from China to Hong Kong during the war and that’s where she married my grandfather. He moved her to his home in IOWA of all places and that’s where she spent her 20s. She then moved to California and brought her family to the States. They didn’t like the cold of Northern Cali much so they moved to L.A. and she stayed here.

She is caring, funny, believes in equal rights for men & women and abhors arranged marriages. But she didn’t always start out that.  Well, except the arranged marriage part. 😉 My grandfather was a kind, funny, hardworking man and she was lucky to have him. Unfortunately he passed away at 72 and my grandma was only 57 at the time. 20 years later she’s still alone and very much alive & kickin’! I think she hates the loneliness.

But even though she’s seen and been through so much in her life, she’s so happy and thankful. We have great fun together and I’m closer to her than my own mother. Oh! And because she started off in Iowa, her English is pretty good! Not great, but totally passable! 😉

October 21: Are you satisfied with your sex life? Would you like more, less, or is it just right?

I am in love with my sex life!!!!!!  How can that be when we’re dealing with infertility and had an early miscarriage, you ask?! Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s actually pretty simple: GUILT and determination. lol

I feel sooo bad our sex life got so crummy for so long. I know it happens, but when Hubster and I reminisced about the early days, it was so shocking to see the contrast. Gone are the days of the 3-hour marathons and HOTT car sessions. Gone are the days of laying in bed all day on a Sunday watching TV, screwing, napping, screwing, eating, screwing, napping, screwing, eating…you get the picture. Literally all day. At least a couple of times every month. And definitely gone are the days of changing position after position after position after position in one sitting. I’ve become a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of girl.

I finally realized, after our slump following the Shades craziness, that I needed to make our sex life more of a priority. I was putting the burden of “lovemaking” onto Hubster and that wasn’t fair. Yes, I was going through the treatments. No, I had no desire whatsoever to have sex…not even in order to procreate…but I did it. And to do it I wanted candlelight, sexy music and dim lighting (I mean seriously, who feels sexy on fertility meds?!?) in order for me to get into the mood to have Hubster do the job. Yes, this is where I shamefully admit I have been on top maybe twice for all of our babymaking sessions!!

Seeeee?!? I have so many reasons to feel guilty. And I do. So I am determined not to let our sex life suffer because of infertility. I already can’t seem to make babies for my husband, there is no way I’m going to deprive him of fun awesome sex anymore!

So I don’t. I try to work up the desire to actually have sex more times than I deny his requests. I have sent myself reminders to initiate sex during non-babymaking times. And now, my groove is back and I’m almost as horny as my husband! I think once I made it a priority and made myself do it, I started to like it again. And I started to want it again. I also have another sexy secret I’ll share you in a couple of weeks. Hubster has been reading blogs again and I don’t want to blow the surprise so it’ll have to wait. Hi Honey!!! 😉

October 22. Favorite sexual position?

Doggy-style and missionary. I like the force that comes with doggy-style and now that my flat ass is getting more toned and rounded, Hubster really likes it! I love the compliments that come my way, let me tell you! And I like missionary for the sweet lovemaking sessions. I like to look at his face and it just feels more close and connected. And for some reason spooning makes me more sore…

There you have it, friends! And in a few short hours, my tired (but excited) mug will be splashed upon your computer/cell phone screens. Can’t wait! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Another long catch up and NO vlog…yet! ;)

  1. I can’t wait to see your tired but excited mug, that will be something to look forward to when I log on tomorrow morning! he he. I love your attitude to the sexy times, I really need to take a leaf out of your book my friend.

  2. Yesssss! I suppose since we talked about sex here I can forgive you for the delayed video. 😉 (And oh my when we were still in the belief that sex could make a baby I was the queen of lazy missionary. The queen.)

    Can’t wait to see your gorgeous face!

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  4. Thanks for the sexy advice. I’ve been in a slump for some time (poor hubby), and I think what you’re saying is profound. Sometimes we have to do something and let our emotions catch up. Thanks!

  5. Good for you for making such an effort in the sexy times. I wish I could say I did the same, but I’m always too tired, too sick, too busy…I have a whole laundry list of excuses. But maybe you’ve just inspired me! Maybe. 🙂

  6. Storkchaser’s husband here… I am not allowed to sleep tonight, so I am finding things to do. Right now I am looking at what the wife has been up to on the blogosphere… and wow, that’s my wife for you! Although, I am suprised she did not write about her sexy pants…

  7. Sexy pants story: My wife likes to throw stuff out, I like to keep things. She had a bunch of clothes set aside to donate. I guess I need to frame this story a little bit, before I go on.

    Our house is literally right across the street from our neighborhood’s major pedestrian paths. We have round 3-4 miles of canals running through our area, since we are nearby the river. We live right by one of the canal arms, all of which have bike/pedestrian paths on each side of them. The canal path we live by also intersects with the “greenbelt” which is a 2 mile stretch of narrow park that runs perpendicular to the major streets in our area, so you can walk from one end of the neighborhood to the other without ever crossing a street. Its pretty nice and is really dark and quiet at night.

    Back to the pants. I was looking through the donation pile and I found a pair of pants. Black, pretty thin material, sort of baggy. I think they were guachos or something? Anywhoo, I made walking sex pants. I cut a section out of the very bottom of the crotch for access. The pants are baggy enough that the excess material hides the hole to the point where it is essentially invisible, especially under cover of darkness. The pants are also comfortable enough that you can really run in them too, just in case. The wife is always trying to get me to go on walks with her, so I figure why not add in that extra element of maybe excitement if we walk late at night?

    Alas, she has not worn them since they were presented to her. In fact, she may have even put them back into the donation bag, which means somewhere out there, there is one lucky lady and one lucky dude taking an evening walk tonight.

    • That is amazing! I’m even more impressed that Hubz knows what gaucho pants are 🙂 I’m with hubs on this one though….talk about spicing up your sex life!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • smh. He is ridiculous! We will use them one night soon, but I told him not during my fertile window. I don’t want THAT to be part of the story. Although it’s pretty damn funny. oh! and Hubster loves to shop and loves to dress me up everything that interests him. it’s weird. he knows entirely too much about women’s clothes and cosmetics, but I really can’t complain!

  8. Lol that’s not true, i don’t love to shop,what the heck? I like to find markdowns, that’s different. And no weird obsession with ladies clothes, i just remember everything i hear and i am always listening! That sounds creepy….

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