Another VLOG!!!

Finally I am gracing your computer screens with my newest vlog. Stupid Stork, you are the best for putting together this challenge. 🙂

So so sorry for the delay, as well as the multiple videos AND that it’s still 20 mins long! WTH!!!

Also, the singing was terrible. I’m not that bad, but man this song is hard for me!

And without further ado, here I am. Enjoy! (I hope!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

18 thoughts on “Another VLOG!!!

  1. Yay, This was fantastic! Your dogs are hilarious, too 🙂 Next time I hope we can meet all of them.
    The Prof and I are heading to Northern Cal over the Christmas holidays. We should soooo meet meet up!

    • YES!!!!! We must meet up when you come out here. Oh I’m so excited about meeting you soon!!! And you all will definitely meet my furbabies next time. I was just trying really hard not to make another 25 min video. 😉

  2. Yessss! YESSSSS! There it is.

    1. I’m going to lick your dogs face.

    2. I love that being fertile apparently gives people the ability to sense cosmic timing.

    3. I love cleavage.

    4. Will Smith?!? Okay, funny yes… but you’d have stage children. 😉

    5. Excellent point on why to discuss your IF journey! Sheesh if we could stop one person from asking when people are going to have kids…

    6. The whole trying-to-sing-exchange makes me soooo happy… And I’m stumped! STUMPED!

    • aaahahahaha!!!!!!! my dog will lick you right back…he likes to be licked! 😉

      and it’s my terrible attempt at YYY’s acoustic version of Hysteric. Kaern O sings it beautifully, just beautifully. I, on the other hand, sound like a train is rumbling down the tracks. 😦

  3. 1. I wish I looked that effortlessly chic after a day at work.
    2. When your dog shakes its collar it sounds like a tambourine.
    3. Your white brick wall is gorgeous.
    4. I love that we could hear the dogs, it just fitted perfectly with your blog.

  4. Love the scarf, love your cleavage, love your dogs, love your singing, love your LAUGH! Oh, and filters are over rated. And OMG, when I first saw my husband I thought, “Woah, he’s really Asian” too!

    You’re my favorite Hapa!

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