Update on my crazy life…again

Lately Hubster has been getting terrible headaches (probably stress-related) so now he’s getting tested. He had an MRI last night, had to stay up all night and is getting his sleep-deprived EEG done right now. He’s about halfway in for this 1.5 hr procedure.

My husband is more of a hypochondriac than me and is convinced they are going to find a brain tumor and he is going to die. So I joke that he better leave a note allowing me to harvest his sperm and his coworkers have agreed to help me with raising our baby alone lol! We joke to appease his craziness, but damn if that thought doesn’t terrify me! I know he’s fine and am damn grateful I’m not on Clomid this month while we get his brain stuff figured out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t all just the stress of a job he hates, babymaking and money worries. If it is stress, hopefully this will be the wake up call he needs to actually address, rather than repress, his stress.

So now that you know what’s going on with him, I’ll tell you about my crazzzzzzy head. I want to pee on all the things. Ever since Saturday morning. When I did POAS. WHAT?!?! I’m so crazy. Today is only CD24 and I’m itching to pee on anything! I don’t know when I ovulated or even if I did, there was no Clomid and we only had sex once or twice during the time period that could have possibly been my fertile window. And my POAS-obsession is in full force. Hmmm…maybe my brain is the one that needs all the scanning?!

Ok now that I got my confession out of the way, it’s time to catch up on your blogs!

22 thoughts on “Update on my crazy life…again

  1. Hubs will be just fine!! I’ll be thinking of you both today šŸ™‚

    Also I can’t stop peeing on all things. I have decided to POAS every single day of my 2ww. Today is 5 days past my trigger shot and I am pretty sure there was no second line on my pee stick this morning. If I am pregnant, even if for a second, I want to catch it!

  2. Suck! I hope that the scan comes back without any alarming news! Also, I am a big advocate for peeing on all the things. I will support you in your peeing.

  3. I’m sure that all will be just fine! A close friend pretty much just went through the same thing and all turned out well. Thinking of you both and I, like you, pee on things!

  4. Fingers are crossed that all is well with your hubby. Give us an update when you know more! And I am not an advocate for early testings. Stay strong, friend. Stay strong. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks and I will! Ok, I’m going to try to hold out til Sunday, Saturday? No, Sunday. By then I should be feeling PMS symptoms pretty strong and hopefully decide to forgo anymore testing.

  5. I am the hypo in our household but lately with all this baby talk i have been think OMG what if something happens to him! I hope your hubby is OK and he is just a hypo! Ii want to pee on sticks tooo but i am only 6DPO so i no i am just a crazy fool and really would like a coffee and even an adult beverage (which is rare).

  6. My hubby was misdiagnosed with crohn’s disease. He was very, very sick–losing weight, blood in his stool, always in pain, etc. Then he quit his job that he hated and hasn’t had any problems since. Seriously. It is absolutely amazing what stress can do to your body.

  7. I say pee on no things, hold out until Sunday if you can. Peeing on all the things will not change what is happening and could cause unnecessary preemptive sadness just because the peeing happened too early. I am going to be strict, pee on no things!!

  8. Haha, I am having POAS withdrawal. I haven’t peed on anything since mid-September and I don’t get to go around peeing on stuff until Jan/Feb. Too long.

    Sorry about the hubster’s headaches. My DH and I are both sad, miserable hypochondriacs, him more than me and my worst fear is that his worst fear comes true. So I can relate to that sudden, random fear.

    As for the POASing I won’t hold you askance if you do decide to sprinkle on a stick while you tinkle.

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