Writing Prompt Time

Boy I’m just hogging the Blogosphere today, aren’t I?!? So sorry to pop up in your emails and readers yet again today, but HERE I AM! 🙂

October 23: What are you most envious of?

Really, Jenn, really?!?

Alright, you asked for it…so here it comes…I am most envious of ALL THE MILLIONS OF FERTILE WOMEN SURROUNDING ME EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! Of the women who accidentally get knocked up just by having their husband looking at them. And those who accidentally sip from the water that “must have something in it.” OH. And the women who plan to get pregnant. The ones who go in for a preconception checkup with their doctor and chart for a few months checking their CM and temps so they know exactly when to “try.” Then  lo and behold! They get pregnant on the first try. Yeah, I tried the last one but apparently when you have Endometriosis & don’t ovulate, it’s not that easy!

October 24: What are you thankful/grateful for today?

Our beautiful start to fall. It’s been gorgeous in northern California. We got our first rain and were spoiled with actually getting eased into our wet season. It only rained during the night and early morning hours. And only hung around for a few days. Tomorrow it’ll be back to sunny and 70° weather. I’m grateful for a lot, but right now I’m so grateful for this beautiful weather.


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