PMSing + Hubster = Tense Times

I don’t know how to survive marriage with my husband when we can’t deal with my PMS. Even not on Clomid. I am emotional, needy, bitchy and end up screamy. He is a right-fighter and my PMS is not reason enough for him to stop this practice. Unfortunately my PMS-self can’t deal with that. At all. When I’m on Clomid, tuna-in-the-face happens. Ugh.

Plus, when I first met him he was in great shape. And the next year he trained with me for a half marathon even though he doesn’t love running like I do. Now he refuses to workout regularly. And today he wore flip flops on our walk! It was slllllllllow and he got blisters so I couldn’t complain too much. But ugh. I have told him from the beginning I want a partner I can workout with sometimes. And that is not what I have anymore. šŸ˜¦

What do we do?! I can’t live with fighting EVERY month. I can’t live with being disappointed when I try to go for a brisk walk/run with him and he strolls. And then be uber jealous when I watch couples do that as I go alone.

13 thoughts on “PMSing + Hubster = Tense Times

  1. I’m so sorry. PMSing is NEVER any fun! : ( How does he respond when you tell him you want a brisk walk vs a stroll? Does he know these things are really important to you? And if he is not willing to bend or meet you there, what are his justifications? Sending you HUGS, marriage can be so challenging at times.

  2. Oh I get this. For me it’s All the time + husband = tense times. Just remember that the bad times make the good time all that much sweeter. You can’t have one without the other. Blah….I shouldn’t be giving advice on this subject. It just plain sucks and I hope our PMS passes quickly and hubster learns to take a hint!

  3. I learned years ago that the Professor will never share my love for vigorous exercise. He is also a REALLY slow walker. These days I just don’t bring him with me on calorie burn walks. When we do walk together I make sure I’m mentally prepared to meander and skip the hills. I’m so sorry you are having some shitty times. I wish I had advice but I really don’t. When I’m angry at everything the Professor does I usually just tell him straight up that nothing is going to make me happy and he should probably sleep downstairs!

  4. Well, I have to say, reading this post made me realize I’m not alone! But I’m very sorry for the shittiness you are feeling right now. I’m a runner girl/athletic/outdoorsie type. Hubs is a city boy who HATES hiking, or being anywhere in nature where he doesn’t get cell reception. It has been a very hard pill to swallow that we probably won’t be the hiking on the weekends couple I had always envisioned. He also dislikes jogging, so I have found that I also go out on my own for this, too. I am not belittling your disappointment in ANY WAY, but I will say that my disappointment is definitely heightened during PMS times. In non-PMS times, I have found that jogging alone, or going on a hike with girlfriends is actually really great! And surprise surprise, as soon as I joined a running group and began doing runs without him, who do you think suddenly said, “I think I’d like to try jogging with you this weekend…” PMS is such a mind fuck!

    • ooooh that’s good! I just talked to him today and explained how I was feeling and left it up to him to tell me when he wants to join me. I’ll go back to running/walking with friends and swallow back the bitterness. Not a big deal…I’m used to it by now. šŸ˜‰

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