WLC #18 Results and October 27-29

Here are the results for Week #18

Week 1(6/25/12) Week 18(10/26/12) % Lost
Stork Chaser 151 143.6 -4.90
Jenn 136 135.0 -0.74
Sunny 126.5 126.4 -0.08
Annabelle 127.4 125.0 -1.88
Em 180 (7/23) 171.0 -5.00

What I did last week:

My motivation for last week

I did the long one twice and the short one 3x.









I also walked 3x this week.  Oh and I minimized my crappy eating.

This week:

Hopefully this week I can keep up my workouts and healthier eating even though AF (and tons of baaaad food cravings) are on their way.  I just have to change my mindset about allowing myself to pig out and take days off of working out just because I’m on my period.

Doesn’t this bum make you want to squat right now?!









October 27: Girl or Boy? Given a choice, which would you choose as the sex of your first child?

GIRL!!!  I want all girls.  Boys are crazy and gross.  I get girl drama and I can deal with it.  Boys stuff?  Not so much.  They are just plain gross.

October 28: What is the meaning of life?

Good question!  I think to live it fully, love other people and work to make a positive difference in the world.  At least a little bit.

October 29: Define what you consider cheating. Where do you draw that line?

This is easy. I consider anything shared with the opposite sex that you feel like you have to hide from your partner is not ok. Whether it’s physically, emotionally or verbally. If you have to hide it, something is wrong.

4 thoughts on “WLC #18 Results and October 27-29

  1. Whoa whoa whoa….I thought I just saw a MINUS sign in front of my weight. Key to weight loss? I stopped exercising. Seriously. Who’d have thought!

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