Introduuuuuucing….a new blogger!!! & Hurricane Sandy

Meet my friend. Another an infertile navigating these muddy, muddy waters. After a brief break, she is back to shooting herself in the ass and hoping to have some nice big follies, without hyperstimulating again. Sigh. Anyway, I brag about you ladies all the time so go by and give her a nice big welcome!

And to all my peeps on the East Coast – my thoughts are with you! I hope this is an exciting adventure and not too crazy or scary. I’m just plain scared for you, but I have never lived through a hurricane or tornado or anything crazy. Please let us know you’ve made it through so I don’t worry and fret for nothing!!!! 😉 xoxo

7 thoughts on “Introduuuuuucing….a new blogger!!! & Hurricane Sandy

  1. I yell Amen my friend. My husband has just flown to Toronto from Melbourne and I’m worried about him, though my geography is bad so Toronto is probably on a whole other continent… batten down your little hatches with lots of wine and Monopoly and best of luck to you!

      • Aw, thanks for worrying about me 🙂 You can always text me whenever!

        On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 11:29 AM, Dog Mom Chasing the Stork wrote:

        > ** > storkchaser commented: “Oh good!!!! I’ve been fighting the urge to text > you all morning bc I was worried about bugging you. Thanks for letting me > know! Xoxo”

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