Aaaaand we have lift off!

Yep, I’m back to my nightly supplement and vitamin. Wait, what’s that second little white pill? Yep, that would be the Clomid. Yay!!!! I’m finally back on the IF train and even though I’m apprehensive, I’m excited. We finally get to at least TRY to make a baby again. I’m not uber hopeful about this […]

CD2 and anxious/hopeful/terrified/calm

What the WHAT?!? Only during infertility can you feel such a range of mixed and conflicting emotions at once lol!!! So let’s break it down. I’ve gotten too comfortable in my despair and pessimism. For the last two months I have honestly felt like this last cyst was a sign that we won’t ever be […]


I’m finally done. Your love and support has kept me comforted this weekend, even when I was completely lost. But now I just can’t take anymore emotional upheaval. I feel so broken. For myself, for dear IRL friends and for those of you here in Blogland who are suffering. It’s not fair that we aren’t […]

Hiding and licking my wounds

My baseline was what I feared. My cyst is not gone. But it did go down from 3 cm to about 1.2. And the DHEA is helping because I had 9 follicles starting to develop. But it was soooo devastating to know we can’t try again this month. We’re out just when we got started. […]

Aaaah…sweet relief.

I’m feeling normal again. Your comments made me feel so comforted and understood that my terrible feelings only lasted through half of yesterday. I’m so very sorry you all are going through this also, but damn I’m glad I have you here with me! One of my besties even mentioned how sad I sounded in […]