Hiding and licking my wounds

My baseline was what I feared. My cyst is not gone. But it did go down from 3 cm to about 1.2. And the DHEA is helping because I had 9 follicles starting to develop. But it was soooo devastating to know we can’t try again this month. We’re out just when we got started. They did love my cow sucks in the room abs they did help keep me calm…for awhile.


After the appointment I asked about getting tested for the micro urea plasma Jenn wrote about and the doctor I saw (not my normal RE) flat out refused to test me. He said it’s not linked to infertility, it’s rare and we know what my “problem is.” Without my hubby there to help talk to him or calm me down, I got really frustrated and cried while arguing with the stupid doctor. The compromise in the end was to send a note to my doctor and see what he thinks. Good lord. I still don’t understand. I told them I know it’s rare and I know I probably don’t have it, but would just like to rule it out. Somehow my fertile friends can understand that, but a freaking RE can’t?!?

Anyway, I went to happy hour after that and had a wonderful time. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.

And we’ve had a busy weekend so between the social events I have been hiding out moping and pouting and licking my wounds. One of the events was an ugly sweater send off party for a friend’s husband (going off to Afghanistan for 6 months :()


Another month with no BFP in my future. Sigh. At least I won’t waste my FRERs, I guess…

16 thoughts on “Hiding and licking my wounds

  1. I’m sorry that you guys can not try this month. It is so frustrating to feel like you are sitting stagnant. I would keep pushing your doctor. You nee to know what is going on and even if something is rare you have the right to ask for tests. Thinking of you!

  2. I’m sorry. I hate those little cysts….I get them and I swear life would be easier if I could somehow magically “pop” them and make them go away. Sadly, it never works out the way we want it.

    Hang in there. You’re in my thoughts and prayers…

  3. That sucks… I hate sitting out involuntarily. Definately keep fighting for whatever tests you think you need in order to rule stuff out. Rare means that it exists. If you haven’t tested for it, means its a possibility- rare or not. Sheesh!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and picturing that stinkin’ cyst gone!

  4. How frustrating! I’m so sorry that you’re still benched and know how hard it is not to try. Really, really hoping this month will be busy for you so that it passes quickly and you can get this show on the road. Hang in there, sweetie.

  5. NOOO. Begone, cysts, begone! Waiting is interminable for me. I hope that blasted thing disappears, stat. Also, about that DHEA. I’ve read that one shouldn’t take it for more than a few months. Have you heard or been advised of any such thing?

  6. Love the socks! So very sorry for the crappy news. This may sound like a totally ignorant question, but as one with PCOS, I always have tiny cysts all over my ovaries. None bigger than 1-3mm, but my ovaries are never totally cyst free and clean. My doc told me they weren’t “active” cysts, just follicles that stopped developing. Or something like that. I’m always confused. Do you know what it is about your cysts that requires waiting? I’m sure your doc is doing the right thing, I’m just trying to learn about the different types of cysts.

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  8. Jesus Christo I missed a lot in my Dayquil haze.

    You are wearing cows. YOU ARE WEARING COWS. Not to mention gorgeous sweaters (just… stunning. I am stunned).

    I freaking hate that you are benched and if you were just a WEE bit closer I would go with you to these appointments when your hubby cannot and get hostile (I can make the Doctor cry… it’s a gift).

    • thanks so much for the support. and i’m just bummed i wasted my uber-cute socks on the doctor I don’t like. guess i’ll have to wear them again to give my doctor a chuckle! πŸ™‚

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