My fears (silly ones, not BIG ones)

I’m in the middle of my tww and I’m getting really anxious. My period is coming, I can feel it. So Hubster and I are going to have a chat tonight to help ease the anxiety. That chat falls under the “BIG fears”category so I’ll discuss that later.

What happens during EVERY tww are two silly fears: pooping out my baby (pretty much exactly like what Belle wrote about here) and popping out my baby from sex or…wait for it…masturbating. Gasp! Yes, I said the dirty m-word. I am terrified that my orgasms will cause a little emby to pop out of my lining or away from my uterus if it’s on it’s way.

Slightly irrational, but also slightly fact-based. My crazy mind needs to be fixed. And I get very horny when my period is coming so I need help easing my mind.


13 thoughts on “My fears (silly ones, not BIG ones)

  1. I completely understand your fears. I even asked my doctor after our embryos were put back inside. Will they come out by pushing, or coughing, etc. She said no way. Think of your uterus as a deflated balloon. The sides touch. So once in there no way to fall out!

  2. Dude. When I had IVF I was constipated as a mofo from all the medications and I was paaaanicked the day of the transfer because I thought I was going to crap them out. Doc said I was ridiculous and to poop my heart out. I pooped a few hours – hours! – after the embryo was put into my uterus and it was the mother of all straining poops, and it still implanted. Poop away.

    And as for orgasms… okay sure sure in some circumstances they tell you not to have one (like with IVF). But methinks with the good ole fashion way that when you have an orgasm all of your lady muscles relaaaaax and if anything that has to be a good thing. Think of it as making your lining a soft, cushy, stoned lining as opposed to hard-up concrete wall-o-lining.

    Plus you knoooooow all those bitch fertiles don’t even know what a tww is and go whoring it up with entire sports teams.

    • Yes, but how many of those whores have actual orgasms?! 😉 jk. Thanks Jenny that helps. Oh and that mental image you provided with your poop take also helps. I wish I had this two minutes ago when I gave up on the toilet. :/

  3. Haha! I worried about the same exact thing when I was pregnant! I was terrified to have an orgasm in case it knocked something loose. But I heard (or read) somewhere that it’s not really possible and to imagine a marble in the middle of a peanut butter sandwich. It’s not going anywhere!!

  4. i’ve heard about the marble and peanut butter sandwich theory too and, honestly, sex and masturbating is probably totally fine. That said, my nether regions were a no-fly zone until beta. an orgasm was not worth the anxiety stress to me! GL with whatever you decide!

  5. I think the best description I have heard was that your ute is like a jam sandwich: all squished together. Still, though, I worry about pooping too hard. I also worry about the M word. I really hope your period hunches are incorrect this cycle. I’ve been rooting you on all the way from KY.

  6. Oh Lordy,the things we discuss,HAHAHAH!!!
    Ok,so for the orgasm the beginning of this pregnancy (around 5 weeks) I actually found it a little painful.I was terrified as I could feel my muscles spasming and I was so worried I was gonna squeeze the little nugget out. I was told by my GP to hold off till after the first trimester but heck, who can say no to a hubby thats about to go to sea for 3 months???Since then its gotten alot better and its still in there so hope that helps?
    As for the better get to grip with those fears SOON as I can honestly tell you, the constipation has started for me now and the cramping of needing to go and then being too scared to push/strain is HORRIBLE! The way I think of it is, Im pushing for the back door so no way is the baby gonna go that way,its just simple biology.I recall the intestines being separate from where the uterus is….crazy but it helps.

  7. Assuming there is something in there (!!!) it is stuck quite tightly and can’t get jostled by normal activity like pooping and sex. If that were the case, how could the human species have survived so long?

  8. As one who has been battling the “I’m going to poop my baby out” fears, I can safely say that pooping is safe. I have still been highly paranoid about sex, and I’m ashamed to admit it, but Hubs and I have not done the deed since the weekend before I found out I was pregnant (although we’ve done “other things”). We were both too scared of another UTI, and my RE advised that we not have sex for the first trimester because UTIs can seriously mess with a pregnancy. That being said, I “took care of myself” right around 5 or 6 weeks, and baby was still in there safe and sound at 7.5 weeks!

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