I have avoidance issues

When I’m reeeeeally bothered by something I avoid my feelings. It’s how I cope when I’m not ready to deal. This is also what I’ve learned to do to fend off depression. Not sure it’s healthy, but it works. Anyway, I avoided this space when I found out I again did not get pregnant with […]

Another one bites the dust

Pregnancy, that is. Damn. I’ve been staying away from my blog and distracting the hell out of myself because this was a hard month. This was our last month of trying. And we had to put off the adoption process. How do you wrap your head around the pressure of your last month? I know […]

Goodbye 2012, HELLOOOOO 2013

What a year we had. Man. For such a difficult, painful, depressing and unexciting year, it went really fast! And it was great. I know, I know. How can I say that when the entire last year was spent on and off Clomid. It was spent NOT traveling to somewhere tropical, snowboarding or wine tasting […]