11 miles

Yesterday I accomplished something huge. I ran the furthest I have ever run. I ran 11 straight miles. I ran 11 straight miles with a 10:13 pace. I felt a runner’s high PLUS an even higher high. I was running with my arms high in the air beating to the music. And I did all […]

A punch to the gut

You know how every time you start feeling good about where you are in this journey, you also know something terrible is just around the corner? Well I’m semi-depressed today. During Parenthood, we watched a exciting pregnancy announcement AND the finalization of an adoption. And realized that this year marks a second round of new […]

4 weeks and 66 miles later…

Ugh. Iā€™m starting my period and Iā€™m getting a cold. Not what I thought I would be writing about at all today lol. What I wanted to write about was my running accomplishments. In 4 weeks of training, I have run 66 miles. What the?!? Not bad right? šŸ™‚ On Saturday, I ran 10 miles […]