A punch to the gut

You know how every time you start feeling good about where you are in this journey, you also know something terrible is just around the corner?

Well I’m semi-depressed today.

During Parenthood, we watched a exciting pregnancy announcement AND the finalization of an adoption.

And realized that this year marks a second round of new babies. First babies for the few friends who weren’t ready and second babies for all the uber-Fertiles.

And Hubster found old-fashioned Easter outfits for boys that he was dyyyyyying over. I want him to have a mini-him so bad. He DESERVES a mini-him and, dammit, this world could really use one.

But that’s not in the cards right now. So I’ll try to focus on my flatter stomach, toner shoulders and disappearing acne. I’ll try to get excited again for my first skinny summer in years and training for my first marathon. I’ll let myself feel sad for my amazing husband and myself today, but focus on US tonight. Because I really have been blessed to have the perfect life partner to share this journey with.

Yes, I’m feeling good about life but I’m also really reeeeeally sad at the same time. Sigh…

7 thoughts on “A punch to the gut

  1. Ugh, it is so heartbreaking to see hubbies affected by IF. And it’s super hard to deal with pregnancies–ESPECIALLY second pregnancies (why are those so.much.harder?)
    It good to see you in the blogosphere again, friend–although I do wish it was with happy news. I’ve missed you.

  2. It’s so easy to see why you might feel sad. All of this is hard and, even with the most wonderful husband, this journey can be so depressing. I hope you allow yourself to feel every emotion whenever you need to, and that you’re being kind to yourself, especially at times like this. ~ hugs ~

  3. The hardest moments in my journey were the few rare moments that my husband showed how truly sad he was that this was not working. These were also the moments I felt the closest to him – because I know that no matter what my uterus does or does not produce for him, that he will stand by me. I know you guys will get your happy ending. I just hate hate hate that it is taking so long. Hang in there and enjoy your V-Day. xoxo

  4. Those damn pregnancy announcements are a kick in the teeth. Especially from the uber-fertiles. I’m glad that you have a renewed focus on taking care of YOU.

  5. “Yes, I’m feeling good about life but I’m also reeeeeally sad at the same time.” I so get this. I told K today that I feel so confused. I’m so very happy with the way things are going but I’m just so sad too. Hugs to you, my friend!

  6. I am not sure how I feel about announcing and announcement, what is the point, why not just wait and make the announcement. Although personally I have never (even before TCC) liked big announcements. I think I would rather be quietly told about it without the fanfare. I like to tell those I love separately and personally about good or bad news. But that is just me I guess.

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