11 miles

Yesterday I accomplished something huge. I ran the furthest I have ever run. I ran 11 straight miles. I ran 11 straight miles with a 10:13 pace. I felt a runner’s high PLUS an even higher high. I was running with my arms high in the air beating to the music. And I did all that with very little training last week.

Since I was sick AND on my period, I ran one 3 mile run and a 2.5 mile run. That’s all the running I did all week and I had a hugely amazing long run yesterday.

I think it was because of my emotional state. The night before we had to sit through the pregnancy announcement we were expecting. It was as awful as I knew it would be. Maybe even more because she is 14 weeks along. Which means that I currently have 3 friends who are pregnant and less than 5 weeks apart. And that means 3 bridal showers and births at the basically the same time. But after some tears and running, I’m ecstatic for this loving couple. Seriously. They are wonderful people and will be great parents.

And I’m not even trying for a baby right now. We’re not pursuing adoption yet. We’re doing nothing but living our baby-free lives. I’m conflicted because I know this is good, but it sucks.

And running brought back my sanity. Now I’m not so conflicted about not trying. I don’t feel selfish for my girls trip to Vegas. I don’t feel selfish for not wanting a pregnancy to interfere with my marathon training. It still hurts that we’re at this place, but I accept it and focus on the positives.

But dammit!!! Why do people have to keep getting pregnant while I’m ok?!? Can’t I just be ok for a few months straight?!? Uuuugh!

Ok my tantrum is over.

So do any of you watch Scandal? I finally just started watching it and I’m addicted!

6 thoughts on “11 miles

  1. 11 miles!! doesn’t it feel amazing??! i did it once. and then i stopped running long distances when my RE said i might be exercising too much. i still think she was just trying to give me SOMETHING to do that i still had control over. but, good for you, woman!

  2. Girl! Rock on with your bad self! Seriously, don’t let anyone get you down. YOU JUST RAN 11 MILES!! If you’re anything like me, you haven’t been off the shitter at all today after your long run, but I hope you are reveling in your success. That’s awesome.

  3. That is incredible! 11 miles at that pace!? Wow! I am just starting out on my running (and it will shortly be on hold again over the IVF!) and so I know that is some serious running 🙂
    Sorry about all the preggers announcements. Boo to the universe for crapping on you. Big hugs x

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